When the Flame Lord heard this, he was quite surprised and said, "You don't know the existence of the Fire Elemental King?" "I really don't know. Please tell me, Flame Lord." Said Cabin politely. This is no problem. The Fire Elemental King is the supreme being of the Fire Elemental Vein. Although it is not the most powerful in the use of the Fire Element, it is the origin of the power of the Fire Element. I've seen it before. When the superior God enters here, the fire he uses is more powerful than the fire elemental king. But there is no denying the existence of the King of Fire on the King of Fire. Moreover, there is not only the Elemental King of Fire, but also the existence of an Elemental King in every power, except Light and Darkness. And according to legend, there is an element emperor above this element king, this existence is the real God, ah, even the upper God of the upper world does not necessarily have such strength. The tone of the Flame Lord was obviously somewhat proud. Cabin is also surprised, did not expect that there is such an existence, the world is really full of strange ah. But surprise is surprise, in the flame Lord also can not get any information, voice way: "Flame Lord, then I will leave, some of the brothers behind also trouble you to take care of." "Rest assured, you keep me alive, although the dead can be resurrected, but the pain from the soul at the meeting is terrible, I should thank you." "Well, thank you very much. Good-bye." As soon as the voice fell, Carbin's figure had disappeared on the second step. The Flame Lord looked at the figure of Cabin leaving, but his heart was quite turbulent. Time wanders, in the cemetery of the gods has been practicing for more than ten years, almost all the brothers have reached the second level,non standard fasteners, except for a few who have been separated from heaven forever. The Yale group went through many difficulties and came to the end of the second floor. The bitterness of this is predictable, at least the inch long wound on Nock's face is enough to explain everything. Speaking of the wound, it was when several people met a small group of flame spear throwers. A team of twelve flame spear throwers, in addition to ten god-level masters, there are even two demigod-level masters. And Yale this gang, in addition to the moon has this demigod strength, only the shadow and Lai. Operators have the strength of the God level, the other several are at the peak of the holy level, so it is quite difficult to deal with. Coupled with the environment of the second world, it is even more disadvantageous for several people,Magnetic Drain Plug, and even there is a gap in the number of people. Had it not been for the fact that the other side all belonged to the masters of long-range attack, several people would not have had a chance at all. And this opportunity is also relying on the moon to resist the demigod master, Lai operator also relies on his special prediction ability to barely block a demigod master, and the rest, Bondi, Nock, Yale, Saba, Kerr, Shadow six people have to face each other ten God level, which is undoubtedly a nightmare for them. Bundy, needless to say, creates opportunities for Saba and his guests with his strong defensive forces, which is the way Zhang has built up since the battle. Yale is the same, although it is very difficult to resist the arrow, but it can always push the arrow away at the critical moment. In this time, Saba immediately summons the undead creatures in front of him, but this effect is obviously not good. The fire of the world of fire is undoubtedly a great deal of damage to the undead creatures, coupled with the attack of these fire spear throwers, alloy die casting ,car radiator cap, only a moment to turn these undead creatures into nothing. And Kerr is not easy, in this world of fire, his water element is very difficult to replenish, the speed of replenishment is more than ten or twenty times faster than usual. Although water magic is more harmful to fire creatures, it is also a cup of water, which is not very useful. However, the key to the normal victory or defeat is in the hands of the shadow and Nock, the shadow has a demigod strength, although the promotion time is not long, but with the talent of the shadow, quickly mastered the god-level power. And Nock as a thief, although in such an environment can not set a trap, but it does not affect the play of Nock, and the shadow of the two figures flashing, toward the ten flame spear hand rushed. Although the accuracy of the flame spear thrower is good, the strength is strong, and the speed is general, it is obviously a little inadequate compared with Nock and Shadow, who live on speed. Shadow is still good, after all, the individual strength and these flame spear throwers are almost the same, but Nock is a lot of difficulties, after all, the difference is a level, and in such an environment, the impact is still very large. However, because of this, under strong pressure, Nock actually broke through. The growth of strength and realm brought hope to Nock, and also brought hope to the people, lightning shot, has killed one. And the shadow showed no sign of weakness and also hung up one. However, in this way, it also attracted the attention of other flame spear throwers, who were careful, so the chances of the two men were reduced. Of course, there are advantages to this, at least the pressure on Bundy, Yale, Saba and Kerr is much less. Again, the shadow failed to come over, but left a deep scar on the other side's body. But Nock shot, in an instant, was dodged by the other side, and the other side took the arrow and drew the bow at one go, shooting at Nock. Although the distance is short, but Nock has been alert to the other side's movements, so it is still possible to avoid, but Nock did not do so, but at the critical moment slightly moved his body, the weapon in his hand again attacked the other side's neck. The arrow left the scar on Nock's face, and Nock's weapon successfully cut the other side's neck, with a thrilling move in exchange for the team's victory. In this way, the other side of the ten God level has left seven, one seriously injured. Yale, on the other hand, was nothing, except that Kerr and Yale consumed a little more energy, and that was the injury that Nock suffered, which was not a problem for Nock. < a href = http://www.qidian.com > Qidian Chinese Network www.qidian.com welcomes friends to visit and read,socket screw plug, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter 216 the life-and-death battle of the brothers. Updated July 27, 2009 15:02:17 Words: 3334. autoparts-dx.com