Li Bin looked at Wei Xin and said, "However, our sales staff made it very clear on TV that it was because some customers were not qualified enough that you set up this company." Wei Xin smiled faintly. This smile, he held for less than a second, Dante Ray saw. Wei Xin set up the company, of course, to make money. Unexpectedly, Li Bin gave him such a decent step. At this time, Ding Lei admired Li Bin's brilliance even more. He gave Wei Xin a step. While giving others a step, they also give themselves a bigger step. Ding Lei felt that this seemingly terrible thing had become very simple in Li Bin's hands. Any problem, as long as the key factors are identified, will not be too complicated. Next, you will have a lot of things to do. Li Bin said to Ding Lei. Uh Ding Lei has begun to think about tomorrow's work. Remember our principle is to be honest and show our attitude in front of the media. We don't want this to happen. Li Bin's words have been echoing in Ding Lei's mind. In any case, this is a troublesome thing. Although Li Bin has sorted out the problem very simply, in practice, there will still be a lot of trouble. The communication between three people is over. Ding Lei and Wei Xin take the elevator downstairs. Inside the elevator, they did not speak. When the elevator door opened,x52 line pipe, Wei Xin suddenly said, "Now, are you going home?" "Mmm." "Let's go outside for a walk." "Good." Some are happy and some are sad. This sentence, which has been handed down from ancient times to the present, certainly has its reasons. When a man is worried, his opponent is happy. At this time,uns s31803 sheet, Feng Dong and Chen Lijie were very happy. Li Bin, you must be in trouble now. Chen Lijie said proudly. Feng Dong nodded and said in a positive tone: "Before we go public, Li Bin has absolutely no chance to make trouble for us." Half a month later, the business network was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Chen Lijie excitedly watched all kinds of media reports. Today, the most frequent passage in all kinds of IT media is: Business Network successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, opening at $30, up 122% from the issue price of $13.5, closing at $39.5, up 192% from the issue price, the largest first-day gain of new shares on the New York Stock Exchange in nearly a decade. According to today's closing price, the market value of the business network has exceeded 20 billion US dollars. Under the background of the spotlight, Feng Dong, 316ti stainless steel ,uns s32760 plate, chairman of the board of directors of the business opportunity network, is being interviewed. Now, he is interviewed by Chen Zhong, a reporter from Sohu IT Channel. Chen Zhong: Hello, Mr. Feng Dong and other senior executives. Today, the special topic of the live broadcast of the listing of Business Opportunities Network has attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of netizens after it was broadcast on our Sohu IT channel. Mr. Feng Dong, what do you want to say to the netizens most? Feng Dong: Thanks to the support of netizens, netizens are the foundation of the Internet. Chen Zhong: Today's listing is very successful, and you personally have gained rich wealth. At this moment, how do you look at these wealth? Feng Dong: Actually, a lot of numbers are found from the Internet. I don't know how high our price-earnings ratio is, how much money we make, and how much I'm worth. To the person of the same trade of other Internet company, what I want to say is, business opportunity net is holding to the dream before 7 years from beginning to end, we also had not changed all the time to today. Many people say that we are more arrogant, and every time we put forward a bigger slogan, but we did do it. Now, I don't want to set any more goals. Now we are a listed company. We should do it first, not say it first and then do it. Chen Zhong: The last question is also related to the goal you mentioned. After the listing of the business opportunity network, what kind of impact will it have on its search website treasure hunting network? Feng Dong: We will continue to increase the investment in treasure hunting. During this period of time, you can see that there are some false advertisements on another well-known search website. We don't like to comment on how others do it, but we certainly make a responsible search site ourselves. When Feng Dong was being interviewed, he did not expect that an old acquaintance had also come to New York. This old acquaintance, of course, is Li Bin. Li Bin not only came to New York, but also was interviewed by reporters at this time. The listing of Business Network on the New York Stock Exchange has created a market value of nearly 20 billion US dollars, breaking the record of financing and market value of China's Internet stocks, which has made the outside world sit up and take notice of the acceptance ability of the New York Stock Exchange for Internet stocks. We do not rule out the possibility that the e-commerce business to be launched will be listed on the NYSE. In many people's impression, Li Bin's trip to New York came and went quickly. It seems that there is only one paragraph left. This sentence reminds many people of one thing. Quansou announced a year ago that it would launch an e-commerce website, and it is said that a mysterious team is secretly preparing for the project. This team has gathered the technical elite of the whole search network, but the outside world has never understood the specific content of this project. In this world, the most terrible things are often things that people don't understand. It is because they do not understand that they are terrible. Li Bin, maybe that's what he wants. Three years later, Li Bin's e-commerce project has not yet surfaced. This massive project, like the US government's "Star Wars" program during the Cold War, is a non-existent project. The background of the "Star Wars" program was in the late Cold War. Because the Soviet Union had a more powerful nuclear attack force than the United States, the United States feared that the situation of "nuclear balance" would be broken, and needed to build an effective anti-missile system to ensure the viability and reliable deterrence of its strategic nuclear forces and maintain its nuclear superiority. So the "Star Wars" program was launched. At the same time,uns c68700, the United States also wanted to rely on its strong economic strength to bring down the Soviet Union's economy through space weapons competition. However, with the exposure of the CIA's Cold War secrets, the "Star Wars" program has been proved to be a complete hoax.