When the wind blows, it is very pleasant. At this time, the strong smell of tobacco on his body could be faintly smelled against the wind. I looked at his back and the hurried road. Smile, smile in my heart. Looking at the roadside scenery is particularly bright. Not long after, I suddenly came to a familiar place. Arrive. This is it. As soon as I looked, the surroundings were still so desolate. Not far away, there was an antique building with a large plaque in the middle. I saw three gilded characters written on it: "Listen to the wind." Uh. Here we are, here we are. "I was a little excited at this time.". The place I haven't seen for a long time makes me feel like I'm really at home. I'll go first. I'll come here often. Let's go. I didn't care so much, and I kept saying thank you. When I came to my senses, I remembered that I hadn't paid for it yet? By this time I saw that his motorcycle had gone far away. I shouted at his back: "Uncle, haven't you got the money yet?" Then he heard it, too, and replied, "No, you go quickly." Say that finish, suddenly disappeared. I stood on the side of the road, looked around, and looked around carefully. It is surrounded by farmlands,x70 line pipe, with two schools nearby. On the right side is a big pond, in which there are the flower stalks of the remnant lotuses floating in the water. Behind it is a big bamboo hill, and the open space behind it is still the greenhouse. On the left side are sports and fitness equipment There was no one outside at this time, and it was quiet. I looked at the time, 2:22 in the afternoon, hehe, this time should be the time for class. I took out my cell phone and wanted to call Brother Moluo,x52 line pipe, but I didn't know I hadn't had time to charge it yet? Hey! To think that this period of time is really a dark spot in my life experience. I didn't expect that I would go through such a terrible time. I'm still a little scared when I think about the sometimes good and sometimes bad charter. Now, I finally got out of that place. While I was walking and watching, I suddenly heard someone calling my name. The voice sounded so familiar that I couldn't help turning my head to look. Bi Le. You "Oh, what's the matter? You don't know me after such a long time apart. I'm Bi Le." I looked at it, and it was really Bi Le. At this time, I was really a little puzzled. It's not Sunday. Why is she here? You didn't go to school? I asked "Go, but don't think about it now?" "Why don't you think about it?". Where not to go up? I felt that she was really a little strange. She hadn't seen each other for more than two months. Bi Le seemed to be a different person. There was an obvious difference in her dress, two high, under the sleeve-like skirt, it was particularly tall and straight, a pair of silk stockings with patterns did have all kinds of seductive charm, two eyebrows that were not very black had obvious traces of description, the already white skin was red and looked very moist, a333 grade 6 pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe, and the naked neck was a white and shining necklace. It looks very expensive. With a white bag in my hand, I looked at it and found that it was really a brand. My God, I didn't quite believe it. Bi Le, who always had a plain face, never had any preference for dressing up. How could there be such a big change when we met this time? What are you looking at? I don't know. Come on, let's go in. I looked at her and smiled. She looks like a master in this way. I followed her slowly behind her chest, and at this time I had an inexplicable impulse to her that I hadn't had for a long time. The posture of her chest twist also became very tasty at this time, a little mature kind of inner temperament. I really can't believe her changes. Just as I was staring at that part of her, she suddenly turned her head and said. Where have you been all this time? None of the students in the school have any news about you. I can't find out. Where did it go? A few days ago, your family called the school to look for it? We all said we didn't see it. Only then did I remember that I didn't answer my father's phone several times, which was really a bit wrong. Hey, this time to.. Don't say, when the time to tell you, now just feel very tired. She looked at me and curled her lips. "Yes, look at you like this, to put it bluntly, it's like you've just been released from prison. Why didn't you go to wash dishes for other people's restaurants?" I smiled. To be honest, I might as well wash the dishes. "No, where would I wash the dishes?" "Then how come it's like this? It still smells."? Smelly. When she said this, she really put me to shame. Yes, I went to the rental house to collect garbage, wash clothes and cook in the morning? You said there was no smell. Yeah, I can't compare with you. I'm lost in the world now. "No, I can tell you that I'm really not going to school soon." Then I looked at her, and her eyes seemed very serious, and there was no sense of joking. Oh I nodded my head. Don't you ask me why I don't go to school? She asked, pausing as she neared this point. I'm not your boyfriend, and I don't think I need to ask you about it. Then she threw the bag at me and said, "You, you really have no conscience, at least we have had a close encounter ah, you are really a heartless person.". How about meeting each other, and now you're saying that. "" With these words, she went in angrily. As soon as I heard that something was wrong, I hurried after him. Yes, even if I had not been close to him, I should ask him. Maybe I did something wrong. I followed her in. At this time, I have a very strange question. After the studio, but now only three students in the creation, no one else, I think it will not be no one here to learn it. Maybe Brother Moluo doesn't teach anymore. At this time, I found that the hall and other rooms were empty,321 stainless steel sheet, rare, and the lively and lovely girl of Brother Moluo's sister was not there. I ran after her, and then she went up to the second floor and went into a room. lksteelpipe.com