However, careful netizens found one thing, Ou Yuchen's micro-blog account, which has not been updated for two or three months, suddenly changed the authentication content. Ou Yuchen, Chairman of Siqi Group "What is this operation?"? Siqi Group? "Wow, the chairman?"? I want to apply for such a young and handsome chairman. Why Siqi Group? Does this have anything to do with the famous screenwriter Siqi? No matter what the relationship is, is our handsome Ou Yuchen going to return to Weibo again? I thought he was going to quit Weibo. "Yes, no matter what your status is, just come back!" "Handsome guy is everyone's public resource, ask for selfies!" What Ou Yuchen has been busy with recently is the integration of the company and the establishment of Siqi Group. This was his original plan, and his initial goal was Siqi Group. It's really time now, and after the integration, what he wants to do will be more disciplined and more organized. The leaders who started with him at the beginning were not easy. In the past few years, they did not fall behind, did not intrigue,x60 line pipe, and developed the company very well. He was very relieved. Now for him, he feels that he has been very successful. After chatting seriously with Tao Ran, Shen Cheng, Sha Yuze, and Childe for several of them, Ou Yuchen was also very clear about their ideas. He also decided the position of each leader in the company according to what he should do. The so-called president,x56 line pipe, vice president and general manager are all agreed after discussion. There are not too many problems. Then he took time out to talk more with Lin Shan. Lin Shan, it's been a long time since the two of us drank and chatted so quietly. Yes, I had a lot of things to do every day before. I was almost on the right track. You went to the army again. A few days after you came back, you disappeared for more than two months. Tell me, what have you done? "Which one of us is with whom?"! If you weren't here, I really don't know if I would have come to this day! You are so capable, why can't you come to this day. But you're a thorn in some people's flesh now. Last time your wife disclosed her identity, it should not be a secret that you are in their class now! No one has a problem with you? "No, what did you hear?" It's nothing, but I heard a very interesting thing. Your wife has been engaged to a baby since she was a child, and the person who engaged her is the artist of our company, x60 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, Su Lizhe, do you remember? Two days ago, didn't Su Lizhe just come back from his vacation? When I passed by his lounge that day, I heard him talking to someone else. It seemed that he mentioned Muxuefei. I listened to a few more sentences. I didn't expect that I really heard such a big gossip. It was only then that I learned that he was a member of the Su family in Kyoto, the second young master of the Su family. "He was engaged to Phyl when he was a child?" "Well, but from what he meant, it seemed that he had retired from the marriage before the Murong family recognized their daughter.". He has other people he likes now. What's the matter? Have a sense of crisis? But you don't have to. Haven't you been married for years? No, you don't like that boy for a long time. I said why you suddenly recommended Su Lizhe so strongly to act in that movie. Are you even jealous of this? "Jealous?"? I really don't like him, but it's the first time I've heard of what you just said, and now I don't like him even more. "I'm really jealous!"! Forget it. Didn't you break off the marriage anyway? Besides, he has someone else he likes now. "What he likes is my wife, Phyl." "Wait, you said the person he likes is Phyl, Yu Phyl?"? No way! In fact, the two of them are really predestined! Originally is a childhood sweetheart, two little unguessed baby kiss, unfortunately separated for many years, did not expect to go round and round or fall in love. According to the routine of the general idol drama, two people will definitely come together happily in the end, don't you think so? "Lin Shan, you're looking for smoke!" "Really angry?"? But that boy is also true, how did he like Yu Fei son? Your wife's charm is really great. Fortunately, my type is totally different from yours. You don't have to worry about it. Let me tell you something. I'm not going to take care of this entertainment company any more. I'll leave it all to you as before. This time you are the president of Siqi Group's Miracle Entertainment. In the future, I will only be the person behind me. Now I always feel that I don't have enough time to spend with my family. I'm not the same. My mother urges me to get married every day. But where can I get married? "Tao Tao hasn't promised you yet?" "Tell me, why doesn't she always play by the rules?"? What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me? Tell me about it! It's not romantic enough. The company has made so many idol dramas. Why haven't you learned anything. And when you fall in love, you should be sincere. The little girl is still worried that you are just playing! I heard from Phyl that Tao Tao likes our company, and she is afraid that if she breaks up with you, she will not be able to stay in the company. Then the love and career will be all gone. After all, you still make her feel insecure and feel that it's not reliable to fall in love with you. "Hey!"! Difficult to understand, I also feel that I have a hard life. I used to be a person who didn't believe in love. Look at my mother now. I don't know what to say. But my mother said she didn't regret it, because I was such a sensible child, so she didn't regret it. She wants me to have a family soon. "Pity the parents in the world. I understand that aunt urges you so much.". But it's up to you. Find a chance to have a good talk with Tao Tao. I think she is also the kind of person who wants to settle down. Maybe she will hear your good news soon. "Borrow your auspicious words, come on, keep drinking!"! Let's not go home without getting drunk today! Chapter 139 of the main text does not return without getting drunk. Good! Don't go home without getting drunk! This night, the two old classmates drink very cool, the place to drink about in the home of Ou Yuchen,347 stainless steel, that villa. So you don't have to worry about getting drunk outside. They didn't remember how much they had drunk, but when they woke up the next day, they saw empty bottles on the floor and on the table.