At this time, the hostess on the stage said in fluent English: "This ancient painting is called Nu Shi Zhen Tu, which was painted by Gu Kaizhi in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.". After the burning of the Old Summer Palace in 1860, it was looted and later collected in the British Museum. Due to the lack of knowledge in Britain, it was cut into two sections and there was a phenomenon of falling dregs. "Why does it still appear in the auction room when it is stored in the British Museum?" The VIP of a private room spoke through the microphone beside him. This is very simple, and the replacement of this picture is absolutely genuine. But it's only a half, so the starting price of a million dollars is very cheap. The beautiful hostess explained in English. Lin Yu, who did not know what she was talking about, wondered, "What is this painting called?"? What did the host say? "This is the most famous one in Nu Shi Zhen Tu, which is Gu Kaizhi's work.". Because The snake king opened his mouth to explain. After hearing this, Lin Yu left the search system of his brain to find out the information of this picture scroll. After checking it, he realized that it was absolutely a national treasure. Although it was only half a picture, its value was obviously higher than that of the existing copies of the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty in China. Its "female history" is a female official name, and later became an honorific title for intellectual women. "Proverbs" is the meaning of exhortation and admonition. Sima Zhong, Emperor Hui of the Western Jin Dynasty,inflatable amusement park, did not take care of his own affairs, and the state power was monopolized by his empress Jia. He was jealous, had more power, cheated, and indulged in debauchery. Zhang Hua, a minister of the court,large inflatable water slide, collected the deeds of the sages and saints of all generations in history and wrote nine paragraphs of Nu Shi Zhen, which was regarded as a famous piece of admonition and warning at that time, and was widely circulated. Later, according to the content of the article, Gu Kaizhi divided it into sections and painted almost every section with proverbs, each section of the picture vividly revealed the meaning of proverbs, so it was called "Nu Shi Zhen Tu". In any case, this "Nu Shi Zhen Tu" is absolutely a masterpiece in the history of the country. I want to take this painting back to my country! After checking the information, Lin Yu said in a loud voice. I didn't see that you had a patriotic heart. For the first time, the snake king did not speak coldly to each other. She does not support but absolutely does not oppose Lin Yu's patriotism. That one Since you think patriotism is good, can you lend me some money? After thinking for a long time, Lin Yu felt that he had no money to buy this painting, Inflatable outdoor park ,Inflatable mechanical bull, so he could only make such a request with a little embarrassment. No! Snake king's answer is very simple. She suddenly felt that Lin Yu could only talk empty words and was not worthy of respect. Lin Yu, who really had no money, could only quietly watch others carry out the auction and was very unwilling. Why aren't you reconciled? The snake king, who looked at the ancient painting, showed a faint smile at the corners of his mouth. No! Blame my own lack of strength! Lin Yu sighed. Oh The snake king answered gently and looked up. $10 million! A yellow-haired man suddenly raised his placard and shouted. In fact, the price of the "Nu Shi Zhen Tu" just now was only $3 million, and he raised it by $1 million, which is also the method of the lion fighting the rabbit. After all, it was a broken painting. After he shouted 10 million yuan, the whole audience was quiet and no one was bidding. Ladies and gentlemen. If I don't keep bidding, then I'm counting down! The beautiful hostess finished this sentence in fluent English and began to count down " $10 million a time.." $10 million twice.. Just then a VIP in a box suddenly shouted, "I'll pay $20 million!"! I'm going to buy and burn the things I hate most! This was said by Wakayama, who came to Wakayama, Japan, ranking 45 on the world killer list. Whether it was the $20 million he shouted or the arrogant language, there was a lot of discussion on the spot. Lin Yu, who did not understand what he meant, asked, "What did this little Japanese say?" "He offered $20 million and said he hated the country and was going to buy the painting and burn it." The tone of king, the king of snakes, was slightly angry. Bitch! Lin Yu rebuked angrily and then put his eyes on the Chinese man who had just called 10 million. After the Chinese man shouted $20 million and spoke rudely, his face immediately became angry and he did not wait for the host to say: "Shout $50 million immediately!" " $50.01 million!" Sitting in front of the transparent glass, Waka shouted with a playful look on his face. $60 million! The Chinese man shouted again after raising his placard. His name is Chen Zhongshan, who is the general manager of a multinational company. The goal of this trip is this extremely valuable "Nu Shi Zhen Tu". The reason is that his father is very fond of ancient paintings, and he is very fond of this "Nu Shi Zhen Tu". Touching the original was his last wish before he died. $60.01 million! And the cold voice of the song came again. After shouting, he glared at Chen Zhongshan with disdain. Enraged by the stare, Chen Zhongshan lowered his head and thought for a moment. Then he took out his wallet and looked at the picture of his father with white hair. He gritted his teeth and shouted: "I'll pay $100 million!" "Wow!" After he shouted $100 million aggressively, the crowd at the scene immediately sent out a burst of exclamations. $100 million for a broken painting is something that no one expected, and it's a little crazy. But the crazier thing is obviously that after hearing the offer of $100 million, Hege Zhi clapped his hands for the first time and said in English: "I have to say that you are a Chinese man with guts!"! Admire! "Concession!" Chen Zhongshan, who felt very painful, clasped his fists in the direction of the song. Buying a broken painting for $100 million made him feel like he was burning money. As long as Dad is happy, it's worth it! After a little thought, Chen Zhongshan's face showed a faint smile. But at this time and the song know to hurt a strange smile shouted: "But I want nothing I can not get!"! I bid 200 million yuan! After hearing the price, Chen Zhongshan, who was still smiling, collapsed in his chair and froze. In fact,Jumping castle with slide, not only did he shock the hostess on the stage, but he was also excited to continue to praise a few words and then began to count down. Looks like it's going to fall into the hands of the Japanese! The snake king king in the box pondered and said. Lin Yu said resolutely, "I said I would bring this painting back to China!" ^-^^-^ Chapter 423 the energy of the black card.