The internal injuries brought blood to his throat, and Yaoyang's injuries seemed to break out. He burst out laughing and used the laughter to cover up the injuries. He shouted, "The Marquis is really a noble man who forgets things. Remember that day when the mountain was hunting, I had a good argument with the Marquis!" "You are." Chonghou Hu looked suspiciously at Yaoyang. The situation was complicated and unpredictable that day. He just wanted to force several vassal States to submit by means such as drinking and attacking. Where did he remember that a young man had questioned his actions in public. Seeing Chong Houhu's doubts, Yaoyang knew that the purpose of fooling the other party had been achieved. He said, "The Marquis didn't seem to like me that day. Did you forget it so soon?"? But Yaoyang is not a forgetful person. It's rare to see Hou Ye again today. In order to make up for the past mistakes, I specially prepared a gift for Hou Ye today. I hope Hou Ye will keep it! With that, he threw the dark red gourd on his back to Chonghou Hu. Are you Fire Dance Yaoyang? Chonghou Hu thought of the protagonist who had hit the morale of the Western Expedition in recent days from Yaoyang's self-proclaimed name. He was about to vent his anger when he saw his brother Chonghou Hu's proud magic weapon, which never left his body, falling from Yaoyang's hands and shooting straight at himself. His mind was shocked. Xing Tianfang on the side of Chonghou Tiger moved slightly, and the magic energy in his palm was released, and the gourd that attacked Chonghou Tiger was sucked away out of thin air. Although it seemed relaxed and enjoyable, Xing Tianfang could still feel the hot five elements of Xuanneng deliberately emitted by Yaoyang in the moment of taking over. The magic energy in his palm naturally resisted each other. Who knew that as soon as the magic energy came out, he was hit by the yuan Neng trick hidden on the gourd by Yaoyang. Just listen to "Peng" a crack, dark red gourd has burst open, into a burst of fire. Chonghou Hu shouted angrily, "The younger generation is so bold. What happened to my brother Black Tiger?" Since the release of Xing Tian, which has been such a tease, not to mention today in front of thousands of military forces, his face suddenly embarrassed to the extreme, the magic in the palm can be reversed, unexpectedly forced to wipe out the fire inch by inch out of thin air, eyes in the evil spirit greatly increased, staring at Yao Yang without turning his eyes, straight hate can't strip him alive. Although Yaoyang was most worried about Xing Tianfang, he always looked at the man as if he had not seen him. "Chong Heihu," he said, "he has offended me in Xiqi. He deserves to die!"! Hou Ye if hate Yao someone, might as well be able to revenge now, we each see each other's ability? Hum Yao Yang suddenly opened his eyes angrily, and his cold hum was like a thunderbolt, which shocked people's hearts. Chonghou Hu was shocked and furious. He was so angry that he trembled all over. Pointing at Yaoyang, he said, "You.." You How dare you murder my black tiger brother? If I don't kill you, how can I live up to my brother's spirit in heaven? Come on, take this boy down quickly! One of the generals behind Chonghou Tiger's Hand shouted angrily, "The younger generation is arrogant. Don't be annoyed. I'll punish you in the future." The man immediately jumped up from horseback and cut Yaoyang in the air with a long knife on his back five fingers wide. Yao Yang deliberately gave them a blow. At a glance, he caught a glimpse of the weak Dharma energy. In his eyes, Inflatable dry slide , he seemed to wave out a mysterious energy of the five elements, just like a sharp blade. The wind of the blade suddenly swallowed up the man like a python. With a clanging sound, the long knife was hit by Xuan Neng and immediately broke into two parts. The general screamed, and his whole body flew up with the wind of the blade and fell heavily to the ground. Although he was not dead, he had only half a breath left. What a beautiful move to hurt the enemy, immediately shocked everyone at the scene. Chonghou Hu was greatly shocked. Ben was deeply afraid of this "Fire Dance Yao Yang". At this time, he dared not underestimate it. He turned his head and asked Xing Tianfang: "Tianfang, can you take this man down for Ben Hou?" Xing Tianfang didn't want to, but he was always cautious. He stared at Yaoyang for a long time and whispered in Chonghou Hu's ear: "This man reversed the situation in the extremely unfavorable situation of'Falling Moon Valley 'a few days ago, and wounded my brother Xing Tian. It serves to show that he is talented and has excellent magic.". But at this time he dared to resist the Marquis army with the strength of one person, and again and again deliberately provoked Marquis, day put that there must be fraud, and since this boy has arrived here, want to Ji's military forces are not far away, if at this time the south palace suitable heavily down the mountain again.. As soon as Xing Tianfang said this, Chonghou Hu was already startled to look around and said, "Tianfang means that this boy has laid a trap and is waiting for Ben Hou to drill in, right?" Xing Tianfang nodded leisurely and said, "Otherwise, even if he has the ability to reach heaven, he definitely won't be here alone. Imagine Tianfang and the generals together. Isn't it enough to kill him?"? So just now he deliberately provoked Hou Ye, afraid to expect to fight with me to delay time, waiting for the military forces to gather! Chonghou Hu shouted loudly that he was right and asked, "Tianfang thinks that what should Ben Hou do now?" Xing Tianfang paused and said, "Tianfang thinks that Hou Ye should return to the main business as soon as possible. It is the best policy to mobilize military forces to encircle and suppress him." At this time, a pool of birds suddenly startled up from the northern foot of Fulong Mountain. Chonghou Tiger had been on the battlefield for many years. How could he not know that this was the trace of a large number of military forces marching? He immediately nodded and said, "Tianfang is right!" Yaoyang saw two people discuss half ring, but he never answered, that is because just a blow with all his strength, the injury has reached a degree of inability to turn, he can only run the five elements of Xuanneng combined with Guiyuan power, forced to regulate the lifeblood, slow down a good half ring, this is a little better. Yaoyang took a breath back and shouted, "What's the matter? A big vassal who has jurisdiction over two hundred towns has to ask a callow young man for instructions on everything. Don't you feel ashamed? Why do you still want to be the Marquis of Beibo? Why don't you even give him the position of the Marquis of Beibo?" Chonghou Hu was really a crafty old man. He was very clear about the balance of gains and losses. He was not provoked by Yaoyang's words at all. "Since you like to use your tongue," he said, "I won't accompany you." In the end, it could be seen that the hatred in his heart was still hard to disappear. He stared at Yaoyang bitterly and gnashed his teeth. "If you are in my hands in the future, I will let you die without a burial place!" Chonghou tiger with a wave of one hand, has given the order to withdraw, more than ten thousand troops in the face of Yaoyang single horse, unexpectedly always dare not take a step forward,inflatable water slide, not only let Yaoyang wantonly abuse, also dejected withdrawal, really funny.