After the Season 6 Agenda was announced earlier in the week, many MyTeam fans MyTeam were thrilled about the opportunity to Nba 2k23 mt obtain several highly valued players to join their roster, but the excitement soon turned to worry as the units failed to show up in their inventories , despite having completed the test. While 2K Games has attempted to fix the issue, many players still have the issue.

With the announcement, NBA 2k23 is also releasing three new packs titled "Fan Favorites" which will include three new products. Three players: Galaxy Opal Jonathan Isaac (98-overall), Dark Matter Kristaps Porzingis (99-overall), as well as Dark Matter Kevin Durant (99-overall) are the only participants in the series which are sure to be a opportunity for a player give a major boost to their roster.

Season 6 was launched with three fresh Dark Matter units added to NBA 2k23. For Durant this is the second time in this month that he's been featured on the top level, with his player card receiving an increase at the beginning of this month after the new Dynamic Ratings.

Despite recent updates, 2K Games has its work cut out with the latest issues that result in rewards not being delivered as well as the marketplace becoming unstable. Currently, players are reporting that whenever they buy an item through the Auctions section the in-game currency will be removed from their account however the item will not show up at all in their accounts.

2K Games addressed the issue about its Zero Gravity agenda rewards and is announcing that they're now available via the Unopened Packs section, but time will decide whether the Auctions section gets the attention it deserves. Although NBA 2k23 Season 6 features an abundance of content available that players can make use of, it's currently neglected by issues that Buy 2k23 mt are systematic which makes it difficult for players to maintain their commitment to the game.