The Pulse 3D WoTLK Classic Gold headset is Sony's official gaming headset for the PS5 although its plastic frame can make it look and feel a bit flimsy, it's a fantastic budget alternative. Its audio quality is quite good, pushed even further with Sony's 3D audio technology. Its sleek design means you won't get large microphone booms in the front of your face while chatting with friends. However, people with larger ears might not be able to find this Pulse for the most comfy headset. If you're interested in learning more, you can read the Pulse 3D headset review.

Sony's newly released Inzone headphones offer the same excellent PS5 audio features like the Pulse However, they are available in three different models and are ideal for those who play games on PC and PS5. Though they're priced at $300 they're also very affordable at just $300. Inzone H9 has the same soft-fit leatherette as Sony's WH-1000X line of headphones, which make them incredibly comfortable. The H9 is the most comfortable when you're in search of headphones that are wireless, since the H7 is priced at $230 and has more basic fabric on the earcups. It also doesn't have noise cancelling tech. Both the H9 and H7 offer 2.4GHz wireless as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

The wired H3 is priced at the same price that the Pulse. If you're predominantly the PS5 gaming enthusiast, we'd recommend this Pulse instead of the Inzone line. If, however, you play frequently on PC or laptops, one of Inzone headsets is a great choice. They use Sony's 360 Spatial Sound to produce audio designed specifically for your ear shape. It's pretty good but the feature is only available on PC. You also get full control over the audio experience while using the Inzone hub application.

Who would we recommend these headsets to? Gamers on PC who play PS5 will be satisfied with Inzone. We suggest checking out PlayStation's 360 Spatial Sound before buying the costly Inzone H9. If you love it, the H9 might be a suitable option for you over it's counterpart, the SteelSeries Nova Pro. PS5 owners who play a lot on PC and are buy WOW WoTLK Classic Gold comfortable with a wired connection can't go wrong in the Inzone H3. Inzone H3.