With NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 2 in full swing, new content in the popular mode continues to appear. Recently, players have seen the return of Limited Edition II Packs, which will provide high-rated cards for a limited time. This means that players who missed before can now buy NBA 2K22 MT to get it.

The Limited Edition II Packs include Pink Diamond cards from current star Paul George and former star Jason Kidd. Besides the gift pack, the new season agenda has arrived with a Locker Code that can be used as a gift pack.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 2 was launched a few weeks ago, and there are still about two weeks before the end. In this season, players can get player cards by spending Cheap NBA 2K22 MT and add them to the team’s roster. There are many such templates, including Primetime, Flash and Alter Ego packages. Each pack brings upgrade cards for past and present stars.

With the Limited Edition II Packs, players can get 13 new player cards, two of which are from the NBA 75th Anniversary lineup. They are Pink Diamond Jason Kidd and a Diamond Kevin McHale card. Each of them also has an ordinary PD card.

Limited Edition II Packs are priced at 21,000 NBA 2K22 MT in Pack Market. In addition, the latest Locker Code for NBA 2K22 Season 2 is also out. Using the code, players will get a Limited Edition II Packs. But it takes luck to get the player card you want.

So if players want to get the player cards they want more securely, they can buy NBA 2K22 MT at GameMS directly, so they can buy the Limited Edition II Packs in full in Pack Market.