The medical transportation service gets delivered via an air ambulance can be beneficial for the patients and help in shifting patients without any trouble. The Air Ambulance Services in Ranchi operational under Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance helps in shifting critical patients without causing any discomfort to them at the time of retrieval. No matter what the medical patient must be facing and which destination they need to reach, we remain available to shift them to their opted destination without any delay or complication.

If the patient is facing a severe medical issue and needs end-to-end medical attention, our air medical ambulance crew will provide medical assistance and attention until the transfer process gets completed and the patient reaches where they want to be. Our air medical staff at Air Ambulance from Ranchi takes care of the patient throughout the journey and keeps them in a thriving state until the process of evacuation gets completed and the patient gets transferred.

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Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance Service in Kolkata Offers Abundant Advantages with the Medical Transportation Service

  • EXPERT MEDICAL TEAM: The medical team employed at Medivic Aviation Air Ambulance Services in Kolkata takes care of the medical condition of the patients and ensures they are in a stable state throughout the process of transportation. We operate with a certified nurse and paramedic to make the journey risk-free.
  • PROPER MEDICATION: The medical team provides out-of-hospital treatment and medication to the patients so that they travel without any discomfort.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE BUDGET: The budget for the air ambulance service delivered by us is kept extremely low so that people can get our service easily.
  • ROUND THE CLOCK AVAILABILITY: The 24/7 availability of our team at the service of the patients makes it easier for the patients to get our service whenever needed. We remain available to help patients with their evacuation-related needs all day and night.
  • ICU AIRCRAFT: The aircraft utilized for shifting patients by Air Ambulance in Kolkata are ICU equipped so that the critical patients remain in stable condition throughout the journey.