A mouthguard is a vital piece of equipment for any athlete. It provides protection for your teeth, gums, and jawbone during exercise—but it can also be a pain to wear if you don't find the right one. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a high-quality Mouthguards Melbourne:

A mouthguard should be comfortable.

When you think of a mouthguard, what comes to mind? Is it something that you've never worn before or only used in the dentist's office? Or perhaps it is something more familiar, but one that still causes discomfort when you wear it.

 If this sounds like your experience with mouthguards, take heart! There are now plenty of new designs available that address these issues and make wearing a mouthguard much more comfortable than ever before. A few features to look for include:

  • A moldable mouthguard allows you to adjust the fit and shape of your guard so that it feels more natural in your mouth.
  • Breathable materials prevent sweat from building up inside the guard—which can lead to irritation inside the mouth as well as around sensitive areas like gums and lips.
  •  The most breathable materials include silicon or polyurethane; both are relatively soft and durable compared with other materials such as plastics/polycarbonates which tend instead towards rigidity due their harder surfaces being less porous overall than softer ones.
  •  Easy-to-wear means being able to put on without any extra tools beyond those provided within packaging itself--and ideally also coming off easily once finished playing safely!

A mouthguard should be durable.

When you're looking for a mouthguard, it's important to pay attention not only to the fit, but also the material quality. A good mouthguard should be made of hard plastic (not rubber). It will have an inner layer and outer layer, with a thin protective film between them that's designed to protect your teeth from breaking or cracking if they come into contact with hard surfaces such as gymnasium floors or basketball rims.

The best mouthguards are made of polyurethane or polyvinyl acetate (PVAC), which are both durable and long-lasting materials that can withstand biting pressures up to 70 pounds per square inch without cracking or breaking apart under pressure. 

When you bite down on your mouthguard—whether you're playing sports like football or boxing—the surface area on which your teeth bear weight is relatively small compared with how much force they exert when they're biting down or chewing food. The surface area where these forces meet needs to be strong enough so that it won't break under pressure

A mouthguard shouldn't restrict breathing.

When you’re looking for mouthguards Melbourne, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the mouthguard should be comfortable. That means that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable during wear, whether it’s when you first put it in or after it has been worn for an extended period of time.

 It should also be easy to clean and durable enough so that it can withstand daily wear without breaking down over time. This comes from the materials used in making the item as well as how much care is taken when crafting your custom-made product.


If you’re looking for a mouthguard that will protect your teeth and gums, without limiting breathing or interfering with speaking, talk to us today. We can help you find the right option for your needs.

Source: What Should You Look For When Considering a High-Quality Mouthguard?