The event is getting closer, World of Warcraft will be part of the WoW homage action in the very first instance WoTLK Gold, featuring an Illidan Genji and Tyrande Symmetra skin. World of Warcraft players will have the option of claiming an exclusive card back as normal, but this time you'll also be able to purchase a Golden Legendary card that will be revealed at the show. Blizzard also confirmed that commemorative wings are coming for World of Warcraft, but didn't outline when to expect them.

The event will also include a panel discussions music, community Night as well as esports tournaments. The attendees will also be able access to the musical performances during the ceremony that concludes.

"This year's BlizzCon is expected to be the best we've ever had, and we'd like to ensure that everyone from the Blizzard community will be able to enjoy it together, whether they're joining us in person, from their home or in-game," said new company president J. Allen Brack, in the announcement. "We're looking forward to providing an epic experience for those watching our live broadcasts that will be more than ever before--and for everyone who is tuning in to enjoy all of things included in"The Virtual Ticket."

BlizzCon 2019 will start on Friday, November 1. If you're not an Virtual Ticket member, you are able to watch a lot of the opening ceremonies, as well as the tournaments in esports for free.

World of Warcraft : Legion Review Roundup

World of Warcraft : Legion was released in August and critics have already delivered their opinions after spending a long time with the latest expansion. The initial response has been extremely positive.

It is the most significant thing, Legion includes The Demon Hunter class, which is available at level 98. and is more action-y and action-oriented than the rest of the classes. P2Pah was interviewed by Blizzard to talk about the expansion's development and cheap WoTLK Classic Gold how it has reimagined its legendary MMO's mechanics to make players feel powerful as the Demon Hunter.