How SaaS Companies Benefit From In-App Messaging


In-app messaging has many benefits relating to customer service, retention rates, marketing opportunities, and more. Find out how SaaS companies can leverage it! Communication is at the heart of everything. In this article we enlighten In App Messaging benefits for SaaS Companies. We are a social species. Our social nature extends into every aspect of our lives, from confiding in our friends about that date we had on the weekend to exchanging notes with strangers online about the best Halloween movies, ranked (Rocky Horror Picture Show needs to be in the top 10).


In-App messaging is no exception. When we’re using our favorite apps and an update needs to be installed, the best way to find out about it is within the app. Keeping everything in one place so that we’re not getting emails about apps, or texts about emails, or texts about emails about apps, makes life easier. It also stops us from getting cranky (or crankier) on a Monday morning. There are quite a lot of benefits to compelling in-app messaging that we’ll get into, but first we’ll cover a couple of key questions:


What is in-app messaging? - Unlike the app notifications that pop up on your phone or laptop when you’re not using the app, in-app messaging consists of targeted notifications that pop up when you are using the app. This can include the likes of banners, tooltips, chatbots, and product notes to name just a few. When done well, they’re personalized and relevant to what you happen to be doing.


What are SaaS companies? - SaaS has nothing to do with being sassy, unfortunately, and everything to do with Software as a Service. Not that they have to be mutually exclusive. So, a SaaS company is one which provides software as a service to customers on a subscription basis. Some examples include online voip phone systems for small business, photo editing software, and show streaming apps. If you have an app on your phone, then you are already familiar with SaaS.


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