In ambulatory urodynamic exams, microtip transducer-catheters or air-charged catheters are used to degree the stress of the bladder. It is then recorded in a battery-operated recorder worn through the affected person. Crystometers Crystometers are used in crystometric urodynamic tests to degree parameters such as the capacity of the bladder to store urine, the strain of the bladder at some point of filling, and the way complete the bladder is before the affected person feels the want to urinate. The urodynamic devices used in this take a look at additionally encompass catheters that are used for emptying the bladder absolutely earlier than the test. A small catheter integrated with a monometer - a pressure-sensing tool - is placed close to the rectum, which measures the strain of the bladder. Crystometer can also file involuntary contractions in the bladder, which plays an vital position in identifying the motive of bladder dysfunction