Safety  of the employees is very important for all organizations as they are valuable assets for the company.OHSAS 18001 Certification in South africa is an occupational health and safety standard designed to empower companies to reduce the risks and take suitable corrective measures to prevent any accidents in the workplace.The main goal of OHSAS 18001 standard is to minimize the hazards and threats to the safety of the workers.The updated version of the standard was published in 2007.It has guidelines,procedures,plans,necessary practices and documents that empower the company to take precautions regarding the health and safety of the workforce. These procedures need to be adjusted based on the nature and size of the corporation.Looking after the occupational health and safety of the workers and preventing accidents,injuries and hazards in the work floor is one the main difficulties that organizations are facing.The largest advantage of  being accredited to this standard is that the identification of the organization and brand awareness increases.This gives recognition that the business gives top priority regarding the health and safety of the employees.It has financial benefits because there will a reduction in the accidents in the organization.OHSAS 18001 Registration in hyderabad helps the organization obtain insurance at a lower price.The risks associated with the health and safety of the workers is noted down.In the next stage the organization needs to take the necessary precautionary measures to attain the occupational health and safety regulations.In the implementation stage the organization needs to assign monetary and human resource to take the necessary measures to maintain the health and safety of the workers.The organization give the responsibility and assign designation to make sure the well being of the workers.The rules and regulations regarding the occupational health and safety should be conveyed to the workers.This can be done by providing training regarding the OHSAS 18001 to the workers .Controls must be  established to protect the health and safety of the workers.Documentation should be done and maintained to make sure all the guidelines are being followed periodically.Plan should be ready for implementation in case of an accident or a safety hazard.The plans should be observed and assessed continuously to make sure that it is following all the legal guidelines and all the preventive measures are being taken regularly.The management should review the measures taken an update the safety measure being taken to enhance  the occupational health and safety.

Top benefits of being accredited to OHSAS 18001 are

Lower the number of accidents happening in the organization 

Improves the brand value and reputation 

Improves the relationship between the workers

Public tenders can be easily accessed

Enhances the business credibility

Meeting the requirements of the stakeholders and investors

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