Axes up to some Rune grade are dropped from Tree Spirits. Those can be found at the Enchanted Valley. To see them, players have to OSRS gold try to cut down a tree that grows there. As these monsters can be safe-spotted, food won't be mandatory in this farm. Players who've employed Winterodt training for Firemaking skill may also have Dragon Axe in among those reward boxes. This Axe can also be farmed through murdering Dagannoth King.

COOKING. Questing once again proves to be the best approach to start leveling. It must take you near level 20, where you may start with regular training procedures. Although these missions are not by any means mandatory, they will help you get through the first phases of leveling when you burn the majority of the food that you cook, which can be very frustrating.

Your Cooking training ought to be started in Shilo Village since there is a Fishing place near a lender. Both of these spots both have the place with a permanent fire source that may be used for cooking and a lender that is right next to them. It makes training very convenient and quicker than with the majority of the abilities. In case you've banked fish out of your Fishing training, you shouldn't run into problems with sources.

To get there, you'll need a 45% favor with Hosidius house. This task is created without using tools, so if you're falling your fishes on the floor during Fishing training, this would be the best leveling method for you. It yields experience similar to cheap RuneScape gold regular cooking procedures.