These NPCs will speak to you in Lineage 2M Diamonds an introductory speech and direct you to a specific area where you can clear the area of monsters and take objects. Thiscan, however, get monotonous if you're looking for a more varied experience.

Each mission will lead you to open spaces filled with enemies. From there, you simply go crazy and attack opponents according to your preferences.The majority of the game is extremely automated.

One of the principal aspects of this game's gameplay is automation. And it can work for good or for worse. To fight you must simply tap on an opponent and then tap the attack button at once. Your character will attack an enemy until it's defeated. There's also an auto-hunt feature that lets you find new enemies to attack them once the last one is killed.

Spells and attacks that are special are also used to combat automatically in battle, and the same applies to health potion. If you're given a task, you have the option for automatic travel to the desired location. After your character is in the location, they'll start auto-attacking the enemies for you.

Lineage 2M provides different currencies that you can exchange for goodies. The most basic are gold coins you earn simply by playing the game, and diamonds that you buy with actual money.Additionally, there are special rewards you earn fulfilling certain kinds of tasks. These are medals of cheap Lineage 2M Diamonds honour earned from clan-related tasks. You can use them to buy things at the clan store.