CenturyLink is a firm located in Louisiana and is a global MNC. There are numerous services and products provided by it. CenturyLink Email is a type of service offered by it. 

If you are unable to log in to CenturyLink email, do not fret, as here in this article, you will get to know the reasons and ways to tackle it.

Let’s start with the reasons.

Reasons For Can’t Log in to CenturyLink Email


There are several reasons why you can't login to centurylink.net. Some popular reasons are below. 

  1. Forgot username or password
  2. Server is down
  3. Internet connectivity is not optimum
  4. Entering wrong credentials
  5. Browser is lagging

 And so on.

After undergoing the reasons, you might have got an idea why you are facing this issue. 

To get rid of this type of issue, you may go with the below solutions.

Solutions To Tackle CenturyLink Email Login Issue

Some solutions to cope with the login issue are provided below. Go through them and get the issue resolved.

Solution 1: Recover Forgotten Password

Unfortunately, if you have forgotten the password, you should try recovering the same. To do this, go to the CenturyLink account webpage and click on the forgotten password link. After this, follow the on-screen instructions, and soon you will recover the password

Solution 2: Delete Web Browser’s Temporary Files

Sometimes, numerous cache and cookie files lead to Centurylink.net login problems. So, to come out of this, try deleting the temporary files of the web browser. Once you have deleted the temporary files, restart the computer and check whether you are able to login to the same or still facing Centurylink webmail  login issues.

So, these were some solutions to handle the log-in issue associated with the CenturyLink Email account.