Despite being considered a children's show when it premiered in 2008, Star Wars: The Clone Wars never shied away from introducing more mature themes as it approached the events of Revenge of the Sith. In the second episode of its freshman season, The Clone Wars explores the psychology behind some of the most tragic and prolific groups of the Star Wars era: the clone troopers.

The episode, titled "Rising Malevolence," focuses on Jedi Master Prokun and the Wolves clone squadron, as they were left floating in space in an escape pod following General Grievous' annihilation of Triumph. Most of the ship's crew was killed in the aftermath, with only Plo Koon and three members of the pack remaining. As the plot progresses, Plo Koon is optimistic that someone will come looking for them, while the Wolfpack squad is the opposite. In the end, Plo Koon asked them directly questions they were sure no one would come.

What Zink said reinforces the clones' view of themselves, and the fact that the Republic's view of them has little Jedi value. Plo Koon's ignorance is also highlighted here: because he was the Jedi Master on the Jedi Council, he was considered a high priority and was never in an "expendable" situation. But these clone troopers were made by the millions on Kamino and were forced to wear generic battle armor. They don't have real identities, after all, they're made for war, and their purpose is to get Star Wars The Old Republic Credits.

Fortunately, Plo Koon and the wolves were eventually rescued. And, interestingly, "Wolf", the leader of the pack, will go on to be a high-honor commander and strategist under the Jedi Master. He even survived the Clone Wars; 15 years later, he is found living on the planet Seelos with the famous Captain Rex and Commando Gregor, as seen in Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 3 Seen in "The Lost Commander". Next, players have to continue exploring missions to gain SWTOR Credits, or they can buy SWTOR Credits directly on IGGM.