The act of prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of women at workplace act mainly came into action in the year 2013, to provide a mere protection against the sexual harassment of women in their workplace area where the prevention and also the redressal of the issue of filing a complaint of sexual harassment and if also the matters in relation with such incident will be taken into serious juridiction which was ultimately extended to the whole of India. The POSH ICC Training Commitee states that the sexual harassment thus violates the initial fundamental rights of a woman where under the equality articles of 14 and 15 of the Constitution of India, every individual has the right to live their life with respect and dignity which also comes under the constitution of article 21. Also, every individual has the right to practice any profession following their passion with a safer environment to follow their profession further.


The POSH Training India committee states that the law therefore applies to employer whether they are attached to any entity, company or in partnership, whether it is Public Limited Company or any Private Limited Company, any society or a trust, every employee present their should definitely agree with the points and structuration maintained of the POSH act. The POSH Training for Employees has been made mandatory where the statement should also be included in the director’s report of the company during the profiling of the company where the provisions in relation to the constitution of the ICC under the laws of POSH should also be well maintained. Also, the rules of the company need to be amended if the company is formed before 2014, where the amendments should be done according to the POSH laws now, where every company should have the laws laid down in detail and the employee also has the right to check them further.


The implementation of the POSH law is thus needed to provide a much safer and a more gender-equal work environment for the employees, where the employees whether they are in the managerial or at the directorial position should have the equal rights as compared with the others without making any inappropriate advances to the individuals. It also includes the activities of not including any kind of verbal or any physical behavior in action which thus has the power to create a hostile or a critical environment where such activities within the employees are not included either in the office space or outside of the work environment too. Hence, the POSH training thus enables one to stop the differentiation which is caused between any parties in an inappropriate situation where either of the parties have the emotions of discomfort where education, right qualification have a necessary definition and according to the capability of the individual, one has the right to judge.


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