I'm getting out of names, from this point on, I'll use numbers to identify them. It is a sacred Being #3 Beast of OSRS gold burden is less powerful than Toroton and Graahk is a magician; scroll move is an effective attack. Sacred Being #4 – Uses range and has an option to attack enemies. A special move that teleports you back to your base, and then damages your familiar.

Sacred Being #5 - Does not fight unless an enemy attacks it, it uses an ineffective magic attack. It heals you every 10 seconds, the amount of much depends on its level; the scroll move heals health stats, run, and energy, and uses up the familiars' special bar. If you don't like these, contact us and we'll recommend your idea.

I got really annoyed while playing the guthix fist and thought why not put up something on sal's site? The range of levels. Is it not possible to get sick if level 85 and your opponent level 110? !

My suggestion is to create level ranges. The range should be within five levels. If there's no one in the rooms that are within 5 levels of you, it will automatically turn into ten, and then to fifteen and twenty, twenty five or 30. (if you are not within 30 levels then you're likely to be penalized,) if there is no one else on the same level, they will tell you that there is no one in your level range however, you can go inside and wait. and also they will try to pair you up with someone at your level. They'll go forwards and backwards by 5s until they locate the right person. please also post if you believe it should be done by 5 or buy RuneScape Mobile gold one digit.