One in five people are believed to be vulnerable to addiction and if exposed to the drug that they are vulnerable to, they find themselves locked into a behaviour Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Noida pattern they are powerless to change.

Is there an addiction gene? Addiction and the genetic factor have always been a source of controversy since scientists began to research the possibility that certain people are born predisposed to Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Faridabad addiction.

Scientists and researchers are going back than ever before to unearth present truths. Addiction runs in the family. Addicts have discovered that there were similar difficulties in the lives of their cousins, grandparents, or maybe great grandparents. This was the first indication that addiction may be an inherited condition.

It is not possible to blame any single gene for causing someone to develop addictive behavior. There are several that combine to form a strong susceptibility to the behavioral patterns that the addicts exhibit.

When someone with particular genes is exposed to a particular substance or an activity, the brain chemistry can be fundamentally altered. This leads to compulsive behavior and the result is that of addiction. In the same way that people are walking around with a major predisposition for getting cancer, it seems that we can say the same thing regarding addiction.

When dealing with addiction and the genetic factor, you still have to take into account the external factors as well. External circumstances, stimuli, and environmental factors play their role in affecting people who are genetically prone to addiction.

The addiction and the genetic factor discussion will play on for years. This is fairly a new field of scientific study and it must be acknowledged that some still believe that personality disorders are a more relevant area to blame. If you think that anyone from your family is addicted to something, make sure you give them the support and help that they need. You can contact us through our website to get the best treatment Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Ghaziabad for all kinds of addictions.