Live games are played in the same way

With the exception of factor X, most of the Games in the blockbuster 20 are played as you expect. But this year, unlike last year, there are fewer failures and contradictions. In addition to the new helmet error, EA also fixed a major flaw in last year's game, and finally solved the strange trend of defenders jumping high and being intercepted.

Last year, it eliminated a lot of free throws from your arsenal, but this year, with the X factor feature, the long game is back to its smoothest. There are other small problems. That is to say, quarterbacks are used to being stuck in attacking strikers, making competition less natural. But these small problems are not so serious.

The franchise is barely changing, but it's still interesting. To be honest, Madden's franchise doesn't need a major upgrade. I'd like to see some advanced, professional football focused data, but on the whole, it's a powerful tool.

Madden 20 is the best Madden we've had in years, and the game definitely doesn't feel like a roster update. It can be played as lifelike as any video game football game, even if it is not played lifelike, it is still full of fun. If you start to feel itchy in NFL, please continue with this game.

Madden 20 will let you use Philly special for MUT Coins

Literally, Madden 20 has a special change with MUT Coins. For the first time in the history of video games, this year's Madden allowed players to run the famous tricks in the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl victory: the Philadelphia special.

Anthony white, the EA Sports game developer, revealed just as much in the Sky Hawk podcast as Fran Duffy in a recent transformation.

White: on the other hand, through our animation technology way [ ], we are looking at the script to be added to the game. Do we have the right animation in AI? So, for the script that I think hawks fans will be interested in, we actually have Philadelphia special edition. It's actually started and running in Madden 20.

What's interesting about the Philadelphia special edition is that it's a unique play that contains all the elements we know. All this happens to the quarterback, who is in line with a gun or pistol. If he wants to, he goes to the line of contention, clicks on the tackle on the back, breaks the bat, and throws it back. All of this is recreated in the game.

But then I sat down with my engineers and animators, and we thought, it's cool, but every time you do that, you know it's the play. So we actually created a couple of fake versions of the game, because that's another thing, something different in the video game world. Sometimes, you will see films from the team on a fairly stable basis. Well, they may only show a few things, so we obviously put them in, but we have to take creative freedom if you like. Think about it, OK, they played this game here, but they may have other types of things. I don't know even if they didn't show it in the movie or not at all, but we have to take this into account in the Madden game, because if you (Fran, for example) are playing Pete, if you're sitting on the couch and you make a phone call, he sees all the actions, "Oh yes, I know you're running Philly special." But if he sees the same action, and something like, "Oh, that's a fake Philadelphia special," it keeps you on your guard.

Duffy specifically asked white to clarify whether the title of the play would be listed as "Philly special." yes, it is. It doesn't matter which team you use; it will be listed as "Philadelphia special edition"

White: actually, it's an interesting story. That's how animators call Philly in teams. It's made up of body shape, but the setting is called "Philadelphia", then which type of competition you call "Philadelphia special competition" when you leave, and the other is called "fake Philadelphia special competition". Now, what's interesting about this is that I'm actually asking my boss - who is actually a former NFL attacking winger - "Hey, other teams ran this, and last year there were some imitators in the league." [... ]The dolphins are gone. I think the falcons are gone. So I thought, hey, what do we call it? Do we call it "Miami special"? I know the Browns run it. Do we call it Cleveland special in their script? So we're actually going to leave it to Philadelphia and put it in the script of other teams.

That's cool to buy MUT coins safe and cheap.

I haven't bought a copy of "Madden 20" for years, but I'd love to play "Madden 20" at some point in order to run "Philadelphia special.".

Of course, to run the true version of Philly special, you need to have Eagles trade Nick Fowles (now with Jaguars) and Trey Burton (now with bears) in the video game. Otherwise, you will have to live with Richard Rodgers and surrender to Carson Wentz.