New Jordan 2020, With Kyrie Irving's latest Nike project, the athlete is fighting for world peace, dressing up his latest signature Kyrie 7 with a positive "1 World 1 People" theme. Following its pink debut, this bag will grow again: a bright yellow alternative, marked with all the same optimistic messages. At first glance, these color schemes are similar to the Kyrie 5 inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants. The mesh on the side and the stronger leather upholstered heel and tongue are bright yellow, which complements the polished water blue part of the midsole and the two TPU "fingers" opposite the black and red parts. Elsewhere, the latter hue has become more popular on Air Zoom Turbo devices, with purple accentuating the inner lining and the topmost perforation, while at the same time counter-threading with the same name of the series.
2020 Cheap Jordans, Although Kyrie Irving may not spend the rest of his career in Brooklyn, his Nike Kyrie 7 "1 World 1 People" capsule series uses Brooklyn's way of spreading love. The upcoming sneakers are previewed through a pair of high school sizes, with rich colors, some of which are more in line with the theme of the style than others. The breathable but supportive upper uses pink tones, with hand-drawn drawings on the surface, mixing red, blue and orange into the mix. The Lockdown detail on the rear vamp represents the fullback's jersey number and serves as a canvas for the heart and peace signs; the inside counterpart has an all-seeing eye and basketball logo. Elsewhere, light brown lays the foundation for more thematic designs, most obviously on the heel. The tried-and-tested traction is reminiscent of the color patches of the earth, with green spots appearing on the rich blue tread.
Retro Jordan 2021, The Jordan brand is not known for runners. Far away. But despite this, the brand has made many attempts to cater to this crowd, offering styles such as Jordan MA2 in a variety of colors. Its latest work ostensibly prepares for winter, led by an icy, cool-toned art director. Through the base, this aesthetic is very obvious. The tear-resistant material along each exposed part (forefoot, midplane and tongue) is light-colored frosted, and the color tone is between bright white and saturated aqua blue. Elsewhere, gray suede and leather overlays contribute to this feeling, creating a rather subtle gradient from the toe to the back. Then, on the front and center of the label, three additional Jumpman logos add variety to the model's usual branding.
After its debut in "The Last Dance", Air Jordan 1 was finally officially released for retail, launching many new modern color schemes. After recently boarding the "Cyber ​​Monday" mantle, this shoe model will soon adapt to another timeless palette, which Undefeated used for their Air Jordan 4 in 2005. On the leather upper and tongue, lightly brush the olive color, and fade slightly in some places to provide a subtle sense of wear. There are thick embroidered piping and suede panels on the counter, which contrasts aesthetically, with green tones appearing more solid. Elsewhere, the black laces and lining wear neutral like a white brand and midsole, while the heel label has a vivid orange color to pay homage to the iconic MA-1 or 16-year-old collaboration models of streetwear brands.