The next expansion pack of Path of Exile, Expedition, will be released tomorrow, but the community doesn't like the direction of the game. This prompted the lead developer to clarify some things about the upcoming update. Chris Wilson, the lead developer of Path of Exile, expressed his views on the issues raised during the expedition patch notes on Reddit. Before that, the patch notes contained so many nerfs. So many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the upcoming changes in Update 3.15.

The main reason for the severe weakening is to somehow alleviate the spread of power. Obviously, the developers want the game to return to its roots and make the pace slower than it is now. Wilson said that he and his team have reached a tipping point where the spread ofpower needs to be resolved. Although the nerfs outlined in the patch notes may seem scary at first glance, Wilson guarantees that they may not be as influential as they appear in practice. "The changes we made in Expedition are a well-thought-out series that sounds daunting, but the overall impact on the way you play the game may be less than you think," he said.

Now, at least according to Wilson, the player retention rate in the Ultimatum League is very low. Most people think this is because the alliance rewards too much, but the lead developer explained it more. He said there are two problems with the ultimatum. The first is the spam of a large number of rare monsters that appeared on the screen during the Trialmaster challenge. The second is rewards, especially if the player successfully completes the challenge, because there are too many items that can be picked up later, the reward is unnecessary. He later defined that "junk encounters" and other problems were the main reasons for the low retention rate of players in "Ultimatum", not solely because of the generous rewards.

There is an old Reddit post in which some players speculate that the developer is making game balancing decisions based on incorrect community wiki data. Wilson said that this is not the case. He explained their use of internal tools. The data provided by these tools is completely different and more accurate than the data on the wiki. In addition, with the thousands of changes implemented in the game expansion, there will always be some mistakes when passing information from one department to another. This may cause some errors in the presentation of the final patch notes before the extension is released. POE Currency Buy before this can reduce the error rate.