Patch 3.15.1 brings some optimizations and bug fixes in Expedition. After the launch of Path of Exile Expedition, many players can’t wait to join the new challenge league and Buy POE Currency for their roles. But like all newly launched games, players will always find some annoying bugs and errors in the game. In order to give players the best gaming experience, GGG released Patch 3.15.1, which optimized and improved some details in the game and also fixed bugs. The following is some content about Patch 3.15.1.

Shield crush fixed
In the current version, one of the surprising skill gems is Shield Crush. The reason is that its damage scaling is very good, which is why many people are using it. There was a problem. If the player’s back was actually against the wall, the skill could not cause damage. Fortunately, this has been fixed.

Summon Reaper Improvement
If the player is using the new Summon Reaper skill gem, players may have noticed that its two consumption skills share a cooldown. This can be very annoying, especially when saving a skill on another enemy or boss. The good news is that it has now been fixed. In addition, the Grim Reaper summoned by POE Currency should now be able to use some of its attacks to destroy jars and other destructible objects. Although not included in the patch, the developers plan to add the Instilling Orb mod to Crafting Bench in the future.

When there are imbalances and errors in the game, in order to ensure the game experience of the players, GGG always optimizes and changes the first time, such as Path of Exile: Patch 3.15.0e adds specific changes to the “Royale” mode. Path of Exile: Patch 3.15.0d reduces the mana cost of auxiliary gems. All this proves that GGG is very responsible for the players. By the way, if players want to have a better gaming experience and win in battle, players had better prepare enough POE Currency, and better equipment can increase their chances of winning. Go ahead!