in Elden Ring, Tanith is in charge the administration of Volcano Manor and runs the recusant faction. After players kill Rykard Lord of Blasphemy and acquire his Great Rune Tanith leaves the manor along with all the remaining NPCs that reside in it. Most players will not see her in Elden Ring Runes the future, however she is present at one more location in the game.

Where will Tanith leave Volcano Manor, in Elden Ring? variation in Tanith's character's story to Elden Ring is that she does not leave the manor's grounds. In the manor, players can spot her in the same place that they fought Rykard in and have a conversation with her one final time.

Oh, yeah, she's eating what remains of Rykard's body. She's completely off her bike, and she'll spend the remainder of the game trying to devour the remnants. If she's attacked, she'll fall off her gear. Her Crucible Knight bodyguard will then appear and begin attacking. If defeated, it will release Aspects of the Crucible: Breath.

Although it appears that this is the final chapter of Tanith's tale during the final battle, it was probably in the plan to see more of her. In the leaked script that was uncovered from the test of the closed network, players could have met Patches again at some point and he'd given them an item and required them to give the item to Tanith. Given that she disapproved of the Two Fingers and the Greater Will, it's possible she may have been involved in the final scene.Elden Ring: Where To Find The Icerind Hatchet

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