After many days of waiting, the content of WOW TBC Classic was finally released for the first time, with minor changes to the task modules in the game.

Ogri’la and Sha’tari Skyguard Daily Content Added

Two new daily task centers have been added to the new version. Players can perform these two tasks after completing a series of pre-tasks. Since these pre-tasks can also be completed before the new version is released, you can choose to unlock them as soon as possible in order to be in the lead after the new version is released.

In order to be able to unlock access to the new mount, many players will wait for a faction called Sha'tari Skyguard. They have some trinkets, cloaks, pets and a Tabard.

In the two factions, a new currency "Apexis Shards" can obtain a large number of items for Ogri'la; this equipment can not help you get top loot, but it can help those new players to catch up with other players.

The rest

Unfortunately, the other content only fixes errors. Among them, we will encounter some undocumented changes, but these changes will basically be Buy TBC Classic Gold passed. But for now, this is just fixing a long list of errors.

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