EVGA has already explained why its GeForce RTX 3090s failed in Amazon's upcoming New World. From now on, this is not a problem with the fan controller. They conducted some serious investigations on issues involving X-rays. The problem they pointed out was some cunning soldering of MOSFETs on a small batch of cards.

While playing the New World beta, EVGA said it received about two dozen failed dead RTX 3090s. It did not disclose how much RTX 3090 it has sold. In the whole process, the New World Coins proportion of this small batch of problematic cards was obviously less than 1%.

For the affected gamers, EVGA sent them a replacement RTX 3090. They turned a potential public relations disaster into a victory, which seemed very abnormal.

In New World, the screen is not limited by the frame rate, which causes the card numbers to be ridiculously high. The original problem of the card is highlighted by this fact. In the game, the solution given is to set a 60fps limit. Soon, the developers realized the upper limit of the frame rate. In that game, this situation was quickly resolved.

When EVGA reveals the actual situation of the problem, the theory behind some related problems. It was quickly refuted. The company spokesperson believes that the shape or form is related to the fan controller.

The data of the fan controller was misreported by third-party tools such as GPU-Z and HWInfo, and the origin of many theories is also here. EVGA's own reporting tool, Precision X1, shows the real situation of the fan controller.

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