In a London studio, British artist Carne Griffiths adds the final fluorescent pink touches to "The Platinum Queen", a portrait depicting the young Queen Elizabeth shortly before her coronation almost seven decades ago.

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Griffiths, known for using tea, ink and alcohol in his work, is releasing 70 limited edition prints - as well as artist proofs - to mark the monarch's Platinum Jubilee, one for each year of her historic reign.

Based on an original painting sold last year, each piece is made with layers that include diamond dust and platinum leaf.

"I thought this was a poignant moment to capture Her Majesty just at the point where she was about to ascend to the throne," he told Reuters.

"And whilst I painted the piece, I tried to imagine ... what kind of things she would be contemplating at the start of her reign."

Elizabeth, Britain’s longest-reigning and currently the world's oldest monarch, became queen on Feb. 6, 1952, on the death of her father King George VI. Her coronation took place on June 2, 1953.

Four days of celebratory events will begin on June 2 with the queen, 96, planning to attend several.