Players are fully prepared for the WOW TBC Classic Gold arrival of World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic. They can also experience the major reform of the vanilla experience. Players need to make adequate preparations for their games.

In only a few months, The Burning Crusade Classic can officially join the basic subscription. Players can upgrade their characters to level 60 here, and they have plenty of time. What is necessary to fully experience the Burning Crusade is not to have a trumpet. In cases where more than one character option enters a new extension, it is always good to have more.

There is a huge factional imbalance that happened when The Burning Crusade Classic was first released. In each faction, I hope Blizzard can solve this factor that makes things worse. It may be convenient for players to have a character on different servers.

In World of Warcraft nostalgia, there are a large number of dungeons with unique aesthetics, battles and rewards. For Classic fans, experiencing these primitive dungeons in their original form is a kind of coming-of-age ceremony.

In World of Warcraft nostalgia, every dungeon from Ragefire Chasm to Dire Maul can improve the player's communication skills and professional knowledge. In The Burning Crusade Classic, the necessary skills for heroic difficulty dungeons are here.

In the raid, the most iconic and memorable moments in World of Warcraft Classic took place here. The seven raids including Zul'Gurub, Molten Heart, Blackwing Lair, Onyxia's Lair, Anquila Ruins, Anquila Temple and the infamous Naxxramas are World of Warcraft The most eye-catching content in Classic.

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