Much of what Lobos originally came up with turned out to be Mooney’s mod. In a world without electricity, the nights are as dark as one might imagine, though the bright Erdtree constantly looms on the horizon. Hunger and thirst need to be avoided by making Cheap Elden Ring Runes. Extreme, fluctuating temperatures can negatively affect the state. Wounds can breed more than 20 different diseases, and treatments must be carefully studied.

Lobos hacked the Elden Ring mod for the first time on Monday afternoon before releasing it to players that night. The popular Dark Souls host spent seven and a half hours exploring the dangers of Survival Mode and was impressed, particularly praising the new weapon tree system he helped Mooney devise. Rather than buying items or finding them in the wild, Survival Mode forces players to buy Elden Ring Runes again through a tiered upgrade system.

As for the future of Elden Ring survival mode mods? Mooney already has some ideas. At the top of the list is a mechanic where armor can mitigate or exacerbate the effects of the mod’s extreme temperatures, kind of like Breath of the Wild. Mooney now has players use cooling tonics to achieve the same effect. Obviously, there’s a lot going on under the hood.

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