Each Elden Ring boss is at heart of RPG gameplay experience, and each boss is challenging and well-crafted - so players will notice when an update makes an unexpected change to one of patches. Apparently, Elden Ring 1.04 patch made an odd change to Morgott, Lord of Omens, with interesting changes to his cut scenes.

Morgott is somewhat underrated on Elden Ring’s boss list. He’s one of few players who has to be defeated to progress in an open-world game, but fact that he’s essentially a re-enactment of Margit Fell Omen means Morgott doesn’t get attention he deserves. So while players noticed a change in Marinna in patch 1.04, most players didn’t notice a change in Morgott too - perhaps a more noticeable one.

As spotted by player Razork on Reddit, Morgott has overhauled his opening cut scenes in patch 1.04. Before, he would grab his cane, set it on fire, and it would explode, revealing his sword. After patch, there was Cheap Elden Ring Runes, the cane just shattered to reveal a sword.

It’s especially notable given that Morgott talks about “fire of ambition” at this point, as seen below. This may have been a deliberately altered story, as Morgott didn’t use his firepower until second half of the fight. To learn more information, please visit IGGM, a professional game service provider, to unravel mysteries in hearts of players.

There may be many minor changes hidden in Elden Ring patch, some welcome, such as Elden Ring Items. But some not, given scale of game, it will take a long time to discover everything.

If bosses aren’t enough of a real Elden Ring challenge for players, how about a mod that turns an RPG into a survival game? It should make waiting for expansion a little easier.

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