Many players think that the idea of tribes and alliances is the core of World of Warcraft. An important part of the World of Warcraft experience is the competition between the WOW TBC Classic Gold two major factions of Azeroth. The Burning Crusade Classic will be released recently, and the player-to-player content is also what players need to experience.

There are many more tribal players than alliance players, which is a trickier problem. For the players of The Burning Crusade Classic, this has had some impact on them. In the tribe, players need to spend a lot of battlefield queuing time and they cannot get PvP equipment from honor points.

In the classic PvP server of the Burning Crusade, the Horde is the dominant faction in absolute numbers in most World of Warcraft servers. Whether it is for WoW Classic or Burning Crusade Classic, it is correct. For a long time, because many players believe that the various racial abilities of the tribe are far superior to the alliance, the tribe has always enjoyed the reputation of "PvP faction".

Factions are not balanced from a demographic perspective or from a PvP perspective. Horde players in most The Burning Crusade Classic servers are much more than alliances. This is also the cause of the tribal battle.

This is not a good situation for any faction. Blizzard can do a fairly easy fix in a major way if the company wishes. In the arena, the "employment mode" system has been implemented in the King of Draenor expansion as a means to allow players to join hostile factions in the battlefield.

We don't know if Blizzard will solve this problem. Blizzard once strongly opposed the modification of World of Warcraft nostalgia, but it is now willing to make some changes under certain circumstances in order to improve the game experience. If players choose to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold on the website and will pay attention to the security of the website, then I recommend them to Buy WOW TBC Gold choose MMOWTS. MMOWTS has a wealth of experience in avoiding punishment. Players can purchase WOW TBC Classic Gold in the safest transaction method. MMOWTS can ensure that players' accounts will not have any abnormalities.