Elden Ring mod Convergence is currently in development, and while its creators have few expectations for an action RPG unofficial expansion, if it’s anything like their earlier project Dark Souls 3 Convergence, there’s a lot to look forward to. Dark Souls 3 Convergence is essentially a player-made expansion pack that adds new weapons and bosses, redesigns key areas, and even makes major tweaks to existing systems. Player reaction to announcement has been overwhelmingly positive, with a majority of player comments expressing so much excitement that they don’t believe project is actually in development.

Some players jokingly demanded that modders only need to remove Malenia to make game perfect, but most seemed happy that they had something new to look forward to without Elden Ring DLC​​.

One of Dark Souls 3 Convergence’s greatest achievements has been modifying every weapon in game, rebalancing them so that any weapon can be used, such as they can buy Elden Ring Runes and use it correctly. Elden Ring mods on a given number of Nexusmods do same thing for several weapons in FromSoft’s open world RPG. Weapon changes are barely mentioned in latest Elden Ring patch, If players want to know more about magic of this game clearance, please click professional game service provider IGGM, where they will find satisfactory items and it seems FromSoftware is content to take a break from game’s PvE and PvP combat styles for now.

Previous mod also revamped Magic, breaking it into several subclasses with new spells and play styles, and even adding brand new bosses. Elden Ring already has no shortage of bosses, and while players have complained that common enemies are a bit repetitive, there’s plenty of room for bosses to work.

Most exciting thing for Convergence players, however, is prospect of exploring more Lands Between. One player commented that they wished Elden Ring Convergence would open up Elden Ring Runes For Sale in lieu of official DLC, while another wished they would finally be able to enter Erdtree and uncover more of “Great Will” mysteries.

After listening to introduction, players must be looking forward to development of Elden Ring mod Convergence, after release of new version, players will definitely shine, and it will become more and more in line with players’ inner expectations.