With the progress of science and technology, interactive electronic smart board interactive whiteboard whiteboard is more and more, and the interactive electronic whiteboard around us occupy very important position, but now a lot of interactive electronic whiteboard invisible in the sun, but we have visual solutions in the sun. Today ovaltine letter of small make up take you to learn about the plan.
A lot of people should have such problems, in the case of outdoor smart interactive whiteboard strong sunshine, degree of visual phone almost to zero, due to the brightness of the screen picture is lower than the brightness of the reflected light, reflected light is more bright, white, covered in black and other colors, so that the screen in bright sunlight readability is very poor, in order to increase the readability of the interactive electronic whiteboard in the bright light, ovaltine letter made improvements in the following aspects:
1. High contrast: using optical dependend technology, using optical rubber joint, increase the utilization rate of backlight brightness, increase the brightness of the LCM, can effectively reduce the specular reflectance, increase the contrast display.
2. High brightness technology: using leds to replace CCFL as back light lamps, with the help of the LED backlight technology, not only improves the brightness of the interactive electronic whiteboard, also will be in the service life of the color reduction degree, get great improvement. Higher optical thin film, polarizing film, as well as using high pervious to light the interactive electronic whiteboard panel can significantly improve the brightness of the interactive electronic whiteboard.
View Angle is an important index of interactive electronic whiteboard,smart board whiteboard especially large screen size, on the front and side view of brightness, contrast and color difference, will greatly affect the viewing experience. VA soft screen with vertical to the technology by 4 domain pixel electrodes, using the liquid crystal molecules in the direction of the four turn to realize the view Angle of performance improvement, lateral Angle of brightness, contrast the attenuation of the TN LCD technology has certain improvement such as ordinary Angle, but still has great color migration interactive digital whiteboard is insufficient, USES the compensation film also is not optimistic.
Hard and IPS screen technology, electronic board for classroom using 8 domain design based on two 4 within a pixel domain partition with different voltage to achieve the increase of the liquid crystal molecules are arranged dispersion degree, improve the color and IPS hard screen match to the technical level, genetic is determines the advantages in the field of view Angle, the need for compensation film can reach far beyond VA side perspective of soft screen display effect.