Drivers drive circuit is the exception class line defect problems, interactive panels for education several other kinds of line defects related to the process of display terminal, this a few kinds of line defects can by adjusting the driving circuit, replace the COF package/COG method line defect repair. The interactive electronic whiteboard bolt type line defect in the screen is the most common defects. Bolt type line defect is given priority to with cable break line, in the design of display design import break line repair countermeasures, can greatly improve product percent of pass.
Outside repair and repair methods are divided into: screen screen repair within two design countermeasures.
Break the screen outside repair design. Through the screen interactive touch screens education outside the line, the data signal synchronous transmission to not display properly break line, so as to realize the normal work of the screen.
Break the screen repair design. Can use pixel design implementation, pass through the path of the pixel, realize cable bolt fluctuation two parts conduction, can save the screen repair design often used outside the amplifier OP, reduce product development costs. Different display modes, through the path, the pixel structure, the corresponding repair design scheme is also different.
According to principle of interactive electronic whiteboard digital interactive whiteboard is through reverse LCD pixels in the liquid crystal molecules to background light deflection Angle and achieve reduction of the frame, it does not exist as the CRT internal have ultra-high voltage components, unapt appear X-ray overweight due to high pressure. Circuit and the machine structure is simple and modular and high integration is enough to put the circuit work time of chip produced by electromagnetic radiation to a minimum. This design reduces the power consumption of the circuit, directly calorific value is very small.
Interactive electronic whiteboard brightness non-uniformity, interactive panel board reflect the interactive electronic whiteboard will lead to screen has a larger difference between light and shade, our eyeballs in dealing with this kind of light and shade difference will consume more energy than usual, so we in the use of uneven brightness of interactive electronic whiteboard when eyes are particularly susceptible to fatigue.
Surface light source of the average degree of uniform brightness digital touch screen board distribution calculation is: low brightness present high brightness uniformity x 100% = (data). General internal inspection plus 5% on customer's requirement. General small and medium size LCD brightness, nine points is measured by the measured minimum divided by the maximum is the uniformity of LCD, the higher evenness said LCD quality consistency, the better. The ideal uniformity is 100%, the evenness and the higher the picture brightness uniformity, the better.