The first characteristic of interactive electronic whiteboard is 86 smart board must in the slot between two surfaces, can work normally. Two grooves perpendicular to each other in the plane of the cross (90 degrees), which means that if a molecule is in the plane of the north-south aligned, and the other molecules are aligned, in the plane of the molecules between two surfaces were forced to 90 degree turn. When light travels along the direction of molecular, when it through the liquid crystal, it also can be distorted 90 degrees. But when the voltage applied to the liquid crystal molecules are vertically again, so that light can launch directly without being distorted. The second characteristic is the interactive electronic whiteboard, it relies on the polarizer and light itself, random scatter light in all directions. Polarizer is actually a series of parallel lines more and more thin. These lines form a network, block all not parallel to the light. Partial light is perpendicular to the first line, so they stopped completely has polarized line. Only when two filter line are parallel, or distorted light itself to match the second filter, the light to pass.
Interactive electronic whiteboard consists of two smart board for conference room mutually perpendicular polarization filter, under normal circumstances, therefore, any attempt to penetrate the light should be blocked. But because the two kinds of liquid crystal filter is distorted, when light through the first filter, come out from the second filter, the liquid crystal molecules make the light distorts the 90 degrees. If, on the other hand, the applied voltage on the LCD, molecules will be rearranged into a completely parallel, so the light will not be a second filter distortion and block. In short, the energy will block the light, no energy will make the light disappeared. smart boards for conference rooms Of course, can also change the arrangement of LCD liquid crystal, make the light, when charged, will not be charged. But because the interactive electronic whiteboard is almost always open, light only when you open it will stop.
It is important to note that has the ability smartboard for business to resist earthquake antistatic, many industrial and vehicle instrument on the reliability of the display (or reliability) has more stringent requirements. At present, many outstanding manufacturer of interactive electronic whiteboard encoder antistatic test (emc) is 8000 v, a high-energy pulse of antistatic (general household appliances for the 3000-4000 - v). Our LCD block code the vibration resistance of the liquid crystal display is about 2 grams (acceleration of gravity) (general for the entire product anti vibration test, the screen connection needle machine test more than 3 grams). smartboards for business We can as a reference.