Touch screen digital signage is power supply terminals
Instrument of liquid crystal display module, display Interactive digital signage components such as main module is divided into screen components and backlights. So in the operation of liquid crystal display module, we should pay attention to what? Liquid crystal display module operation need to pay attention to what problem, liquid crystal display module operation notice: display screen is made of glass, please don't give mechanical shock, such as falling from a height. If the display is damaged, touch screen digital signage leaks, don't let it into your mouth. If you stick to clothing or skin, quickly wash with soap and water. Don't display surface or liquid crystal display module connection area is too big, because it can lead to the change of tone. LCD module digital signage kiosk display polaroid soft, easy to scratch, careful operation. If dirty surface of the LCD panel, with a soft dry cloth to wipe. If the injury is serious, the dip in with isopropyl alcohol or ethanol (alcohol) wet cloth to wipe.
Other solvents can destroy the polarizer, especially water, ketone, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc. Installed with mounting holes of the liquid crystal display module, make sure they are not twisted, bent or deformation. The distortion will have digital signage screen a significant impact on the quality of display. Installing a liquid crystal display module, do not pull or bend the I/o or backlit wires. Touch LCD display module labels may lead to abnormal. Don't touch the label. Don't take liquid crystal display module. Lift the feet. Don't touch anything. If the logic circuit is cut off, not to the input signal. Keep a good working environment, to prevent electrostatic damage components. Avoid open, carefully deal with heat sealing paper. Glass mesh sharp edges, elaborate operation.
Touch screen digital signage, with its clear display, high brightness, touch screen digital signage long life and low price, is used as many terminal products display device, a digital signage is to know the touch screen manufacturer's operating life, 2 it is to understand the life of the touch screen digital signage, in other words, how long have you been engaged in this line, we all know that you are already a long time, you have more experience and more skills, you have do you have a more stable supplier, and so on. And can run in the fierce competition in the market for many years, touch screen digital signage has good operation ability, can on time delivery volume.