Interactive whiteboard, understanding of the interactive facial recognition thermometer whiteboard it is very important to research and development capabilities, production not only research and development of corresponding levels of the standard product is not good. Interactive whiteboard researchers should have many years study of the interactive whiteboard. When the customer put forward the corresponding requirements, to cooperate with customers and solutions are put forward. Understand the interactive whiteboard and interactive whiteboard, an interactive whiteboard has cost competitiveness, sometimes does not necessarily mean high price the quality of the product, at present, the price of the interactive whiteboard is relatively transparent, save costs only from the internal management, production and quality of work to get to know the cost of the interactive whiteboard performance.
Interactive whiteboard is what? The screen is our important face detection android parts of intelligent terminal. No screen, no soul, no intelligent human-computer interaction, there are many different kinds of screen, Z nearly someone asks, what is the interactive whiteboard? Major structure of the interactive whiteboard is a TFT screen and a layered touch screen, called LCD interactive whiteboard, and FPC TFT LCD screen, backlight and IC module, single module display function, etc. Touch screen is controlled by the cover plate and light sensors, touch and assemble the interactive whiteboard. Lcd liquid crystal display, TFT Lcd screen and touch screen, and what they can achieve? The first is the display, but separate display operation is still not possible. Touch screen makes it possible to touch. The two pieces can be combined to display and touch, so we have a lot of such a touch phone, multilayer, no one can do different things. Widely used LCD assembly industry, almost all kinds of terminal products in different industries can be assembled using LCD and touch function, liquid crystal display (LCD), common industry are: high-end mobile phones, handheld terminals, smart home, Internet equipment, health care, artificial intelligence, visual telephone, intercom, etc.
I believe that everyone should have a better understanding face recognition identification of the interactive whiteboard, so in use will inevitably have a little problem, when the interactive whiteboard is sent to the repair shop for repair, we don't know what is the main problem with interactive whiteboard, maintenance process and where to start, so we decided to share how to delete today, completely acf in interactive whiteboard maintenance? Removal of activated carbon fiber is a kind of white transparent liquid, used to remove liquid crystal display driver chip in the activated carbon fiber (acf) and high temperature combustion of activated carbon fiber (acf). This product has a small scent, non-volatile, convenient use, etc. Therefore, the product has high viscosity, it is easier to remove a small area of the activated carbon fiber. Method of use: enrichment: liquid is used, using temperature: room temperature, a cotton swab to remove part of the FPC coated with just the right amount of liquid. Depending on the degree of hardening of activated carbon fiber and clear time, about 5 to 10 minutes after application. With bamboo sticks gently remove activated carbon fiber, cotton swab with alcohol to wipe clean.