Cleaning an interactive whiteboard Many people will think thermal imaging camera that it is not difficult, but there are many ways and means in the expert method, and then the expert teaches you how to clean the interactive whiteboard? Interactive whiteboard manufacturers teach you how to clean your interactive whiteboard?
LCD screen cleaning methods: 1. Standby 2. The monitor is placed on the desktop, the computer keyboard is tilted, and the computer is fixed to prevent sliding open, so that it is easy to scrub, turn on the light, and easy to see. Get a large bag of tissues. Get a large bag of tissues. Give me a bottle of clean water. 5. Wet a napkin with water, then walk over to the screen and squeeze (yes, squeeze). There should now be a patch of water on the screen. First wipe with fresh napkins, then immediately wipe again with dry napkins (remove drips immediately), dry napkin keys, and wet napkin keys (that's why you must bring a interactive kiosk price large bag of reserved napkins).
Z is best not to put the water in the gap on one side, and gently wipe it to the side. If there's a spot that's not clean (the backlight can detect it), skip the next big effort. If the oil does not drain, replace the wet napkin with the mirror cloth that came on the mbp package. Figure 9. Once you've cleaned them all, let them dry for a while and then go. Here's an interactive whiteboard professional's guide to help you clean your interactive whiteboard the right way so your interactive whiteboard can last a long time. How to Customize an Industrial Interactive Whiteboard 1. Define the requirements.
Most people categorize requirements at the beginning of purchasing temperature check kiosk an industrial interactive whiteboard and link the requirements with the manufacturer of the industrial interactive whiteboard to ensure that the requirements you specify are met, so the first step is to confirm the requirements, you The requirements and manufacturers of the industrial interactive whiteboard will be well communicated to confirm every main parameter of the industrial interactive whiteboard. After confirming the engineering drawings and confirming the requirements, the industrial interactive whiteboard manufacturer can draw the engineering drawings as required, and take the engineering drawings of the industrial interactive whiteboard as the final basis. Therefore, manufacturers of industrial interactive whiteboards require engineering drawings to be validated by the demand side.
When making mold samples, confirm engineering drawings. Interactive interactive whiteboard prices whiteboards will order molded parts from mid- and low-level distributors, who will sample molded parts, and the quality and delivery time will be controlled by the interactive whiteboard. Figure 4. All industrial interactive whiteboard raw materials, including trial production, have been completed, and the interactive whiteboard manufacturer will conduct an incoming inspection report test, and the following can be trial production. Generally speaking, an interactive whiteboard takes a month, depending on the details. 5. After the sample is sent out, the interactive whiteboard will undergo shape test, electrical test and burn-in test. If they want to do other unique experiments, they can do them one by one and produce corresponding test reports. When the goods are ready, the goods will be packed and delivered, and the customer will be able to inspect and lightly collect the goods.