Interactive whiteboard is a kind of light transmittance smart whiteboard price with screen control technology to achieve the color effect of the display. According to the structure of the interactive whiteboard, interactive whiteboard is composed of two pieces of parallel glass plate, 1 mm thick, interval 5 microns, which contains a itself is not glowing crystal material, equipped with light source, on both sides of the display and the back of the interactive whiteboard is generally have a back plate, its main function is to display a uniform background light source. Due to the direction of the interactive whiteboard, if we are standing in a very oblique Angle, all white image, we may see black or color distortion. Because everyone's view is different, if you don't stand in the Angle of the Z better, color will be wrong.
Although in a certain area to watch the interactive whiteboard temperature scanning kiosks can lead to tonal distortion, but this does not mean that the interactive whiteboard is not rational and many advantages. Z, for example, consumers are concerned about the power consumption, power consumption of the interactive whiteboard is relatively small, while the interactive whiteboard is a digital interface, very convenient
Therapeutic apparatus using high-definition interactive whiteboard! And we know that physical therapy is a new product, with specific health benefits, but cannot replace drugs and legitimate medical care equipment. Physical therapy instrument structure type is more, we can according to the requirements of their new products. At the same time take a look at the physical therapy instrument design is how to do? Combined outdoor digital signage displays with new product modeling design scheme of medical equipment products, the same is basically in accordance with the marketing strategy of new product development, before developing custom modelling design measures for further analysis. Regulation performance is advanced, the advantage of the fields works simple and intuitive, can adjust, electronic automatic intelligent heating, it can automatically adjust, can be directly adjust, can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of impulse current magnetic field interference, etc.
Physical therapy instrument surface morphology mainly exquisite images, smart interactive whiteboard practical design mainly, integrated modelling is extremely simple, tone is mainly white, different colors and specifications can be expanded and white together, protruding coordination polymerization, actively create the advantages of thin, and select a high-definition interactive whiteboard, even when you touch can also by displaying the exponent value, see the doctor and nurses still generally use consumers to buy, when using this more strongly highlighted standards