Intelligent interactive whiteboard for today's electronics industry digital whiteboard price is very important, will be used in many places. Many of the products will use this, it is very important, believe that we will do a good job in operation and maintenance. But we don't know is that in today's small series, we will explain the operation of the intelligent interactive whiteboard and the cautions of storage?
First of all, this paper introduces several operational considerations: LCD module display polaroid soft, easy to scratch, careful operation. Installation of intelligent interactive whiteboard with mounting holes, to make sure they don't twist, bend or. The distortion will have a significant impact on the quality of display. Installing a liquid crystal display module, do not pull or bend line I/o or a backlight. Touch intelligent interactive whiteboard labels may lead to display abnormal. Don't touch the label. If the display is damaged, intelligent interactive whiteboard leaks, don't let it into your mouth. If you stick to clothing or skin, quickly wash with soap and water. Display is made of glass, please don't give mechanical shock, such as falling from a height. Don't display surface or the connection area of intelligent interactive whiteboard the force is too large, because it can lead to the change of tone. If the logic circuit power, don't input signal. In order to prevent damage of components of electrostatic, keep a good working environment. Avoid open, pay attention to the operation of the heat sealing paper. If dirty surface of the LCD panel, with a soft dry cloth to wipe. If the injury is serious, the dip in with isopropyl alcohol or ethanol (alcohol) wet cloth to wipe. Other solvents may damage the polarizer, especially water, ketone, aromatic hydrocarbons, etc
With the wide use of intelligent interactive whiteboard, it is information kiosk price often used for outdoor and indoor. Outdoor bar the application of intelligent interactive whiteboard is not only strict requirements on the screen brightness, also need to adapt to all complex external environment. In the outdoor use intelligent interactive whiteboard exists many problems and challenges. Then, use in the outdoor LCD screen should pay attention to what? This is a simple outline. 1. Need a outdoor waterproof and dustproof shell, the shell is learned, it is a kind of special explosion-proof glass reflection heat insulation. This kind of glass not only requires a good perspective, but also has a dustproof, anticorrosive, waterproof, anti-theft, mouldproof, prevent biological, uv protection, electromagnetic shielding, etc. Cooling problem 2, outdoor LCD, outdoor LCD bar cooling is also an important issue, if the temperature is too high, easy to damage the equipment. Therefore, intelligent interactive whiteboard thermal design is also very important. 3, outdoor LCD LCD panel brightness and anti glare problem, outdoor display brightness industry standard outdoor lighting environment of 1500 CD/m2 can be referred to as outdoor display. Also, if you don't want to be a public mirror "" you can use the LCD panel in the sun. You need a higher anti-dazzle indicator light. Figure 4. Outdoor temperature, used touch screen kiosk for ultra-low temperature. In the north, the environment temperature is sometimes reach to 10 ° c ~ ~ 20 ° c, while the normal operating temperature of intelligent interactive whiteboard is 0 to 50 ° c, if you need to use screen in the north, and you need to make sure that work under cryogenic good screen, not damage components. 5. The night screen brightness and screen brightness adjustment problems during the day, at night, when the environment brightness to reduce, if the screen brightness in Z high brightness, it is a kind of waste. In order to save energy and protect the environment, we have successfully developed an automatic brightness control system, which based on environment brightness, bar the brightness of the LCD screen also change accordingly.