The characteristics of the gear motor is efficiency and high 12v High Torque Motor reliability, long working life, convenient maintenance and wide application, etc. Its series can be divided into single-stage and two-stage and triple geared motor, installation method mainly has exploded, coaxial and shunt.
Two levels of the expansion of cylindrical gear motor, gear position relative to the supporting asymmetry, when the deformation of the shaft of the bending and twisting, load in the uneven distribution of tooth width, so the shaft should be designed with larger stiffness, and makes the gear from the input or output.
Two-stage cylindrical gear motor shunt type: the characteristics of shunt type of overhanging deceleration motor shaft position by either side, overall configuration, convenient for the machine's level shunt gears are processed into helical, right-handed and left-handed, to offset the axial force. Should be one of the shaft axial winding, can do a bit to avoid stuck gear.
Coaxial gear motor features: compact radial size, but the axial size is bigger. Due to large intermediate shaft, shaft at the time of loading of the one song is bigger, so along the tooth width of load concentration phenomenon more serious. At the same time as the center of the two stage gear must be consistent, so the high speed gear bearing capacity is difficult to make full use of, and, in the middle part of the gear motor Planetary Gear Motor bearing lubrication is also more difficult. Deceleration of the motor at both ends of the input and output terminal is located in the same axis, bring the overall configuration of gearing.
Deceleration motor reducer and integration. This integration can also be referred to as the gear motor or gear motor. Usually produced by professional reducer factory integrating after assembly, and motor matching supply again. Reduction ratio, namely the reduction gear transmission ratio, it is a kind of transmission ratio, refers to the instantaneous input speed and output speed of reduction ratio, represented by the symbol "I".
Usually, the reduction ratio to 1 as the denominator, the ratio of the input speed and output speed with ", "said. For example, if the input speed is 1420 RPM, output speed is 71 RPM, the reduction ratio for those days.
In the technical parameters of gear motor, we often 24v Gear Motor mention reduction ratio is 1, which means that in addition to professionals in the industry, we may not have the concept to ordinary people. In fact, the reduction ratio 1: refers to the motor rotor rotating 20 laps, adhered to the rotor wheel spin 1 ring, commonly used for speed low equipment. Or as someone said: the reduction ratio is the output of the transmission speed and transmission ratio of the input speed, can change through the teeth of gear reducer.