Speed motor is through mechanical transmission device Brushless Gear Motor to reduce the motor speed, and frequency converter is by changing the frequency of alternating current (ac) in order to achieve the purpose of motor speed regulation. When deceleration motor to reduce the motor speed by the frequency converter, can achieve the goal of energy saving. Reducer between prime mover and work machine or actuator has a function in matching speed and transfer torque converter, the general is the use of power semiconductor devices the on-off function of the power frequency power conversion to another frequency control device of electric power. Inverter is electronic instrument, the reducer can be mechanical structure. Is significantly different, the function has a small part of the same, is to change the motor speed. But the principle of the two completely different, have different purposes.
Inverter motor and reducer can change the output of the 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm motor speed, but the inverter has the function of adjustable speed adjusting range is extensive, the power supply with 50 hz power frequency voltage, such as motor under 50 hz running at low speed by the frequency converter, inverter constant torque adjustment method is adopted, 0 to 50 hz motor rated torque is the same, more than 50 hz high-speed operation with constant power, as the motor speed increase torque will be smaller.
High-speed gear motor than usually refers to the reduction ratio is larger than 200 gear motor, high speed than the gear motor usually requires two stage even more multistage gear reducer and motor assembled. Therefore, high speed than the overall length than ordinary gear motor speed ratio of the length of the gear motor will be longer, the weight will be heavier, while selecting a gear motor need to pay attention to the installation dimensions and installation space.
High speed than the gear motor has the following features:
Coaxial helical gear deceleration motor structure is compact, 24v Dc Motor With Gearbox small size, beautiful shape, ability to withstand overload.
Transmission ratio grading fine choice is wide, rotating speed spectrum, wide range I = 2-28800.
Low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency is as high as ninety-six percent, small vibration, low noise.
Strong commonality, use convenient maintenance, Parallel Shaft Gearbox low maintenance costs, especially in the production line, just standby within several transmission parts can guarantee the normal production of the whole line maintenance.
Using the new sealing device, protection performance is good, strong adaptability to the environment, can be in harsh environments, such as corrosion, humidity work continuously.