Inflatable pool is one of the inflatable swimming pool with low Inflatable mechanical bull manufacturing cost, high abrasion resistance, tear resistance, good air tightness, high strength, durable, easy maintenance, etc.
Put inflatable pool building construction, does not need to declare for examination and approval, etc.
To move the inflatable pool and expand by inflated and deflated disassemble the product can be easily used and, save manpower and material resources, and can realize mobile operations.
Henan cool gas pools are complete in specifications, Inflatable meltdown can be customized various kinds of inflatable pool, height can reach 0.3 1 m, can be used alone.
Can be in a small park, commercial street, square, shopping malls and other places to operate, inflatable pool can configure hand ship, walking ball, battery, some flotation devices, such as swimming laps, increase the gameplay, easy profit.
In large mobile water park project, gas pools are generally inflatable air dancer designed with inflatable water slide, blended in more amusement passion, meets the requirements of many aquatic amusement of teenagers.
Investment amount is moderate, inflatable castle product according to square meter valuation, a 40 square meters or so product price is in 6000 yuan, thousands of venture investment, not much pressure;
Investment risk is low, inflatable castle product basic Inflatable bouncer no investment risk, a few thousand dollars, literally in the square, park, commercial super find a 40-50 square field can run up, simple and convenient, and more profitable, a child 10 yuan, run 3 to 4 hours a day, calculate by about 50 children every day, the income can reach 500 yuan. If catch up with the holiday, income may be multiplied several times.
Inflatable castle's premises in more casual, as long as meet the usable floor area, surrounded by consumers, general supermarkets, pedestrian street, plaza, park is an ideal place