The Mainland seems to OSRS Gold be based largely upon Europe, or at the very minimum, on the European culture. Karamja appears to be a representation of Africa by its vast jungles populated by tribesmen. Africa was once known as the "Heart of Darkness" in European times. It was a place of death and unknown. Today, it's not that. It's too old. It's also quite small, at best when compared to other parts of the country. Also, it lacks real high level content.

Legends Quest was originally introduced to represent the "heartof darkness" feeling that is associated with Africa. However, the end of the Legends Quest only proves that you're nothing more than an average player and with that Karamja has lost the dark feeling.

Do you think that developers need to redo regions in the map to ensure that they can add more content for the Karamja and mainland regions? Are the difficulties in making this happen too much? While it isn't easy it will also allow players of higher levels to explore the old regions.

There is also the Eastern landmass. They appear to represent Asia. While we've heard of them in the past, mostly from Mortyania bolt-rack salesmen, there is not much information and it's unclear if or Cheap RuneScape 2007 Gold when they'll be released. Do you think they will ever be released? And in the event that they do, how large will they be in comparison to the mainland?