Before getting into the “how’s” and stuff, it is advised for you to get clear "why" first. Because when you are aware of the mistakes you are making in your financial life, you will realise the importance of having a  online financial advisor by your side.


They will ask you about your financial goals and some specific questions about your child’s education, insurance, loans, EMIs, investments, and various other expenses. They will plan your financial future in such a way that you will never have to face a crisis of any kind.


Check up on the charges of the financial advisor

 Online Financial advisors now provide a variety of price models, making their services more accessible to clients of different financial backgrounds. So, before you sign anything, find out the details of how they will charge.


Commission-only consultants may appear to be complimentary on paper, but they will charge a percentage of what you invest or buy. These "independent" financial planners are provided through investing or insurance brokerage houses.


Fee-only financial professionals may charge an hourly fee, strategy, retainer contract, or monthly subscription, or they may charge based on the overall sum of assets they manage for you.


Look after their own financial decisions

Many  Financial Distributor do not follow their own advice. While some are in a worse financial situation than you!


I personally prefer Nivesh life  company representatives as they are well qualified and experts in their field. It is important to see that any personal financial service you take has all the required licenses in place, for example it should be SEBI approved. Anyone you engage with should be a CFA (certified financial planner) from a recognised body. Along with this established companies have the capacity to.



Would it be smart enough to listen to overweight or unfit fitness instructor if you wished to get healthier and stronger?–Certainly not! You'd want to see someone who is at the very least on the route to excellent health and happiness.


Ask them the following questions -


  • Inquire about the counselors' personal finances — this is an underrated strategy.
  • You should gain more understanding of the counselors' own lives:
  • Portfolio(s) of investments and performance
  • Personal financial report or overview, and specific insurance plans if they have any. If so, what types are there and who provides them?
  • What financial blunders have they committed and what have they learnt from them?


If all the answers are satisfactory, then only go with them!


Explore different financial plans and pick the one that suits you the best!

Though you are hiring a financial advisor, you should not fully depend on them. They have the expertise, so their advice is indeed important, but your opinion and plans matter a lot more because you are paying your hard-earned money to get a stable future and worth out of your investment.


You should search and explore unique plans as per your budget and future requirements. After considering everything, you should discuss it with them in detail to get reliable support and the right advice.


Get the know-how of their expertise

Individuals looking for financial counselors should examine their credentials, looking for well-known qualifications, such as certified financial planner or chartered financial analyst.


These individuals have gained a significant knowledge base, completed a competency test, and also agreed to abide by code of conduct.


The CFA Institute and the CFP Board have websites where you can analyze a consultant's reliability. However, these qualifications do not guarantee that  the advisor is working in your favor, but they do suggest a higher knowledge and skill, and both of them are quite crucial.


Find an advisor who listens and communicates well

Finding an online financial advisor who understands and communicates well with you regarding your financial plans is very crucial.


Someone who listens to your problems patiently enough to provide effective solutions is worth paying for without any second thoughts. Choose the top  online financial advisors in India that will listen to your needs, life situation, goals and requirements to get you a bang out for your money.


They will tell you what to do and what not to do with your hard-earned money and will keep you motivated to invest in various places that can benefit you a lot in the near future.


Top financial advisors in India are well known for providing effective strategies at affordable prices.



A financial planner can make your financial life a lot easier, by assisting you to save for retirement and even adopting the right investing strategy.


As a result, we've compiled a list of five things to bear in mind when looking for the finest one for you.


Also, be sure to question them extensively about their procedures and compensation. While there are guidelines that say advisors should prioritize your needs before their own, this was not always the truth.


Before choosing an advisor, it's a good idea to speak with a few. If you don't like your first option, don't be scared to say no or go for another until you discover the perfect match.