Since its release, the first major patch of NBA 2K22 on Current Gen has just landed, and many players have prepared enough NBA 2K22 MT to improve steadily in the game. Players also have questions about this update. If PS 4, Xbos One, and PC players want to know why this update is required, here is all they can know.

Patch 1.4 continuously improves the stability and performance to enhance the overall experience. If players Buy NBA 2K22 MT but still feel unsatisfactory in some aspects, then this update will be able to greatly enhance the player's experience. Also, no matter where the player is on the cruise ship, they can now get skill upgrades directly from the gaming phone. Perfect Release SFX now has a descriptive name, making the process of equipping them easier. Adjust the zoom of the broadcast camera based on community feedback. Solved the problem that users sometimes appeared on the ocean when accepting cruise ship invitations. Slightly increased the ball drop speed in MyTEAM.

But this time the patch file is very large, 28GB on PS4 and 33GB on Xbox One. Players can't understand why the update is so big. However, according to u/wojtas011 on r/NBA2k Subreddit, the size of the update is determined by the file structure of the game. When 2K cannot incorporate new content into these files, players need to download them again. Ultimately, this means that this update technically only takes up an additional 1GB of space, if any. Even though the update is large, many players download it and buy NBA 2K22 MT.

Nonetheless, the actual changes have now been made on PS4 and Xbox One, and generally seem very reliable. Especially being able to buy skill upgrades from anywhere, I am very happy that they have brought this feature from Next Gen to Cancha Del Mar. However, it is interesting that if 2K now brings some of the new quality of life updates contained in the current generation patch to the next generation, such as the perfect release of SFX descriptions and camera zoom adjustments. Players who are interested in this can hurry to download it, and at the same time, be sure to remember the buy NBA 2K22 MT, which will be very helpful to the players' gaming career.